Shameless: Chapter 11B

Shameless: Chapter 11B

Title: It’s easier to invite the devil in than to send him away

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Since there was an English exam the next day, Han Jia stayed behind to print the test paper school ended for the day.

He laid the stencil paper on the iron plate and began to write the title with a stylus. He was halfway through the process when he heard some movements at the door.

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Shameless: Chapter 10A

Shameless: Chapter 10A

Title: One only sees the thief eating the meat; not getting beaten


Han Jia came out of the bathroom and tidied up himself a bit, then just as he walked to the front lobby, he saw A-Yuan waiting for him.

When he saw him coming out, A-Yuan took a few steps forward, looking a little uneasy before he spoke. “Han Laoban, I’m truly sorry. I’ve already tried my best to seduce him…”

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