Shameless – Chapter 13A

Title: Stepping into the void with no hope of reprieve

Jiang Xiaoning did not intend to take advantage of someone’s difficulties at first, in fact, he was almost scared to death.

After having been kicked out by Han Jia, he was confused and angry, unable to understand what Han Jia was thinking – anyone could touch him, but he wasn’t allowed? This was simply an insult to him.

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SAYE – Chapter 14

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The bus ride from the cemetery back home was a long one that circled over half the city. Gu Fei leaned against the window, allowing the bus to swing him around, and not two stops had passed, he was already swung to sleep.

It was only within a few stops before his house that he opened his eyes, but it was already past eight o’clock. He fished out his phone for a glance at the screen, Jiang Cheng hadn’t sent any messages – probably hadn’t arrived yet.

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