Shameless – Chapter 15A

Title: A good person, hard to be; a white cloth, hard to wear 

After that drug incident, his relationship with Han Jia became closer yet also strange, and Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t say whether or not he liked the current situation.

The time that they spent with each other was actually quite limited; Jiang Xiaoning did not go to Han Jia’s place every day, and even when he did go, he would return home before midnight – only on rare occasions did he stay the night.

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SAYE – Chapter 15

Translate: Sae | Proofread: Anasofia

What rule was it – saying that once you run into a red light, you will run into all the red lights regardless of whether you accelerate or slow down, you will always run into it. 

Roughly applying the same concept, once you have lost face in front of someone, you will always lose face upon seeing them regardless of how careful or impossible you think it is – your “face” never belonged to you.

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