Idiot – Chapter 2

Idiot – Chapter 2

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Jian Suilin’s limbs were rather agile as he moved around in the kitchen. In about forty minutes or so, he was able to make three different dishes and a soup, and not long after, he placed all of them on the dining table.

When Li Yu sat down with Jian Suilin, his expression became more relaxed. 

Jian Suiying took out a bottle of fruit wine with a relatively low alcoholic content from the liquor cabinet. The label on the side was written in a foreign language; it was not known who had taken the precaution of giving them that bottle as a gift since it was not something his family normally drank. Jian Suiying’s father was a man from the northeastern part of China who was only concerned with having white wine on his table, where would he find the need to drink that kind of strangely sweet wine? It would be better to use that drink to rinse his mouth. 

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