Idiot – Chapter 2

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Jian Suilin’s limbs were rather agile as he moved around in the kitchen. In about forty minutes or so, he was able to make three different dishes and a soup, and not long after, he placed all of them on the dining table.

When Li Yu sat down with Jian Suilin, his expression became more relaxed. 

Jian Suiying took out a bottle of fruit wine with a relatively low alcoholic content from the liquor cabinet. The label on the side was written in a foreign language; it was not known who had taken the precaution of giving them that bottle as a gift since it was not something his family normally drank. Jian Suiying’s father was a man from the northeastern part of China who was only concerned with having white wine on his table, where would he find the need to drink that kind of strangely sweet wine? It would be better to use that drink to rinse his mouth. 

Now was just the right time to give the two younger men a drink to liven the atmosphere up.  

Jian Suiying poured three glasses of wine, “Come, come, have a drink to start off.”

Since it was normal for their family to always have a small drink during dinner, (even though it was only noontime now) Jian Suilin did not have any objection. 

Li Yu on the other hand, quickly glanced at the glass, and faintly said: “Jian-ge, I don’t drink.”

A man saying that he did not drink alcohol could only mean a couple of things, either something happens when he drank, or he was pretending that he did not in order to not offend the host… the odds of the latter being plausible seemed less likely. 

Jian Suiying was not quite happy with that response. You’re not touched by tobacco or alcohol huh? …even junior high school students nowadays aren’t this pretentious. 

However, he still pushed the wine in front of Li Yu and smiled. “What’s so hard about drinking alcohol? If you really can’t drink, then you should learn to now. What man doesn’t know how to drink a bit? Don’t worry, this particular wine has low alcohol content. Even if the dog has a drink, he would still be okay.”

Li Yu slightly frowned, “Jian-ge, we still have to attend class this afternoon.”

“How big of a matter is that? Come, give me the honor.”

Li Yu gave Jian Suilin a quick glance only to meet a helpless and downcast eye.

An unexpected light flashed by Li Yu’s face, but he did not let it show. He simply picked up the glass and took a sip. 

Jian Suiying laughed, “You little kid. When a man drinks, he takes a big gulp. Xiao Lin Zi, come, let him see how it should be done.”

Grabbing his glass, Jian Suilin drank half of it in one go but since he did so too quickly, he choked and coughed which caused his face to become slightly red.  

Li Yu quickly patted his back, “Slow down a bit, do you want some water?”

Jian Suilin waved his hand, “No, no, I’m okay…”

Jian Suiying raised his glass in front of Li Yu, “Come, give Ge a cheer.”

Li Yu lifted his own glass and tapped it against Jian Suiying’s before he tilted his head back and downed a reasonable amount. 

Looking at the unwilling expression in Li Yu’s eyes, Jian Suiying’s heart was filled with an abnormal sense of pleasure and pervertedness. 

After Li Yu placed his glass down, he did not look at Jian Sui Yin again, he hung his head low and continued with his meal instead.  

Feeling satisfied, Jian Suiying crossed his legs and then grabbed his chopsticks and tapped the plate with the shrimps on it. “Xiao Lin Zi, peel some shrimps for me.”

“Ah.” Jian Suilin quickly placed his own chopsticks down and obediently peeled the shrimps.

Li Yu’s hand came to a halt when he saw that. He looked at Jian Suiying’s hand out of the corner of his eyes and could only feel hate rose in his head. Jian Suilin had really nice hands that were delicate and soft like that of a pale-skinned beauty. Even though his fingers were long, the joints were not large, and honestly, it was tough for someone rather tall like him to still be able to have such graceful hands. 

Such beautiful hands should not do anything, Li Yu had thought. 

The thing was, it was inappropriate to involve himself in other people’s family affairs. All he could do was endure. 

The sons of the Jian family were, however, already accustomed to such things.  

Jian Suilin placed the peeled shrimps in his brother’s bowl then picked up his own chopsticks again. 

At the dining table, Jian Suiying had a dignified expression and composed himself as that of a proper older brother. He would ask with concerns about their studies, what kind of ambitions they had, and so on, all of which were just nonsense that he would forget. 

After some time, Jian Suiying was a bit worried and with Jian Suilin still around, he didn’t dare be overly enthusiastic toward Li Yu. 

Him being a homosexual was a small matter since nearly everyone in the household already knew this. While his father’s side of the family was ashamed of him, his mother’s side had always loved him dearly. Also, he held the family’s financial lifeline in his hands, so even his father feigned ignorance ‘such a matter’. In any case, it was not something they could control him with. 

But he still did not want to let Jian Suilin know that he fancied his classmate. No matter how he looked at it, it was a bit difficult. Besides, if by chance his younger brother sensed his real motives and said some malicious words about him in front of Li Yu, that would mean all would be hopeless for him. 

By the time they finished eating, it was nearly time for Li Yu and Jian Suilin to attend class. 

Jian Suiying had only returned home today to grab some things that he needed. Since he didn’t live here, he only returned once a week just for face purpose. The family of three was full of happiness in this house already, and that honestly, had nothing to do with him. To make matters worse, he was unwilling to see eye-to-eye with that loathsome woman.1 

After grabbing his things, Jian Suiying said: “Let’s go, I’ll take both of you to school.”

“There’s no need to. Ma Shu will take us there,” Jian Suilin said.

“Let’s go, Ma Shu is an elder. Let him have an afternoon nap. Just change and let’s go.”

Jian Suilin awkwardly gave Li Yu a glance before he hesitantly said: “Ge, we want to take a shower first. We’re dirty and stinky…”

“Then go, I’m not in a rush.”

Jian Suiying had never been that patient with Jian Suilin before, so seeing him act like that in such a short period of time, Jian Suilin was a bit confused. He was not used to this at all and that made him unsure of whether he should look at his brother or not.

“Then… then, I’ll go shower first. Li Yu wait for me. I’ll be quick.”

Jian Suiying turned to Li Yu, “You can go use the shower in my bedroom. That way we can save a bit of time since there will be traffic.”

Li Yu was uncooperative, “There’s no need for that. I’ll wait for him.”

“Come on, our build is about the same. You can just wear my clothes.”

Having found no reason to refuse, Li Yu followed Jian Suiying up the stairs and into his room.

Jian Suiying pointed toward the bathroom, “You can go shower, I’ll get some clothes for you.”

Li Yu quickly entered the bathroom and closed the door; a couple of seconds later, the sounds of running water could be clearly heard. 

Jian Suiying stared at the thin bathroom door as his mind conjured hordes of unsightly fantasies. 

This moment was surely a combination of his life’s greatest endurance and willpower. 

Separating him from that mouthwatering flesh was a mere door, yet all he could hear was the movement inside. He was mentally beating his chest with anticipation. When the time came for him to enjoy what he wanted as much as he wanted, it would be all the more worthwhile. 

Li Yu showered quickly. It was probably about five or six minutes later that his head popped out from the bathroom. 

“Jian-ge, the clothes.”

Jian Suiying walked over with the clothes that he prepared. As he passed them over to Li Yu, he couldn’t help but take a look into the bathroom through the small crack at the door. There, he caught a glimpse of Li Yu’s chest. 

That slender neck, sturdy chest, and light brown hair —with just a glimpse, Jian Suiying could hardly remain calm. He really wanted to open the door, press Li Yu roughly against the wall, and lick the droplets of water clean off his body.

Unfortunately, he did not dare to budget. Jian Dashao was truly going to be choked to death by that sight. 

It was a good thing that Li Yu didn’t see the erotic look in Jian Suiying’s eyes when he took the clothes. 

Li Yu and Jian Suilin came down from two separate staircases, but they entered the living room at the same time only to see Jian Suiying swaying the car key back and forth in his hand. “Let’s go.”

As they arrived at the garage, the expression in Li Yu’s eyes changed, and that brought quite a delight to Jian Suiying.

All men love cars to a certain degree.   

Thinking back to when he was around Li Yu’s age, unable to take the exam for his license yet, he would secretly sneak around and drive his father’s car out to fulfill his satisfaction. 

Li Yu was from the kind of family whose members were all government officials. Even if he already had a license, he wasn’t able to drive it around and display it so ostentatiously. 

Jian Suiying could fairly understand what kind of mood Li Yu was in when he saw the garage full of brand name cars. 

The garage was specially customized by Jian Suiying. There was a total of twenty-seven cars parked here when his own collection and his fathers were added together. Since the condition of his personal residence was not that good, the majority of his cars were, thus, placed at home. 

At last, he finally found something that made Li Yu interested. 

Li Yu looked around for a bit, but his expression did not reveal anything. 

Mr. Li’s grandson must have also seen all sorts of spectacles. 

Such an earnest composure made Jian Suiying like him even more.    

Jian Suiying patted Li Yu’s shoulder, “Which one do you like?”

Li Yu was dumbfounded, “What?”  

“Pick whichever one you like. I’ll drive it today.” 

The corner of Li Yu’s mouth slightly pulled back, “Jian-ge, drive whichever is convenient for you.”  

“Don’t worry. If I let you pick, you can pick. I haven’t driven any of these cars for a long time. It’s not good if I leave them all here all the time like this. Now is just the right time to drive one around. So tell me, which do you like?”

As he said that, he naturally placed his hand on Li Yu’s shoulder.

Jian Suilin’s body stiffened before his eyes slightly widened.  

Li Yu conveniently pointed at the Maserati that was parked closest to the garage door.

“Okay, it’ll be that one then.”

Jian Suiying let the two boys into the car and then happily drove out of the garage. 

In his memory, Jian Suiying had only gone to Jian Suilin’s school once. At that time, his father had forced him to attend the parent-teacher conference in his place. He could still remember how happy Jian Suilin was on that day. When he returned home, he had even told Jian Suiying that many of the girls envied him for having such a handsome brother.  

Even though Jian Suiying heard him, he didn’t take it seriously at that time. The reason being: one, he already knew that he was handsome, and two, he didn’t have any interest in the opposite sex. 

Back then, the parent-teacher conference took place in the evening, so there weren’t many students there. 

Now, not only was it in broad daylight, but it was also during the time that classes were going in session. There were already hordes and hordes of students at the main gate of the school.  

As Jian Suiying looked around, many youngsters with heroic auras, red lips, and white teeth appeared, all charging enthusiastically toward his car for a closer look. He suddenly thought the campus was quite a good place. 

Jian Suiying was a rather smug and arrogant gay man. After he arrived on campus with the two boys, he also got out of the car, and upon hearing the shrieks filled with admiration, he was immediately elated. 

However, Li Yu’s expression was filled with embarrassment. He said a quick ‘goodbye’ to Jian Suiying, and immediately pulled Jian Suilin into the flood of the students surrounding them. 

Jian Suiying looked at Li Yu’s back and licked his own lips with eyes that held the endless colors of spring.

Translator’s Note:

1 woman – referring to Jian Sui Lin’s mother. Jian Sui Ying and Jian Sui Lin are half-brothers, since Sui Lin and his mother’s lives at the house Sui Ying doesn’t go home much. So, the people living in that house are just the father, stepmother, and Jian Sui Lin. 

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  1. Seeing how almost fascinated Jian Sui Ying is by Li Yu, I’m really curious how will the story unfold.
    Thank you for another chapter!


  2. It’s only the 2nd chapter, but I’m excited!!! I can visualized JSY eyeing LY during the bathroom scene…….Like a wolf watching his prey, wanting to pound on him at any moment. Thank You^^.


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