Idiot – Chapter 3

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Once he took those two to school, Jian Suiying returned to the company. 

Although having seen Li Yu for several hours made him feel as if he had discovered the excitement of a new world, he was after all a man with a proper job. He simply placed Li Yu at the back of his mind and concentrated on his own work for the time being.  

After the busy day, it was dark again. He called Pipi out for dinner and then at night, he pressed that delicate and soft boy beneath him and vented his feelings at a hotel. 

However, even after that sexual deed, he did not feel a hint of carefree. His body was tired, but his mind was not satisfied. He wished the one that screamed out in pleasure beneath him was that innocent youngster with an indifferent attitude. 

Even though Jian-dashao can be a beast, a brutal type of person, he did not plan to lay his hand on Li Yu right away. 

He knew well that there were less than two months until the college entrance examination. Since the young man had been studying strenuously for more than ten years, he could not delay him. The number of talents that resided in Lao Li’s family was numerous; every offspring was outstanding, and Li Yu was also remarkable. 

After the strong impact of that lovely appearance, Jian-dashao’s1 brain had also cleared up significantly. He was slightly hesitant…  perhaps it was better to not touch someone in Lao Li’s family. 

He knew only a bit about the circumstances regarding some of the grandsons of the Li’s. 

Back then, Li Yu’s father already had a fat little kid and didn’t expect to conceive Li Yu, but his mother refused to get an abortion. Being an official of that caliber, there were countless pairs of eyes watching them attentively. During the ’80s where the one-child policy was most strict and added on that his father was a model official, not many dared to commit such taboo—the higher the status, the more one did not dare to do such a thing. It was said, at that time, their family pressured his mother to get an abortion, but his mother adamantly refused, saying that the child had given his father a dream; his child fate was to be a millionaire and no matter what, he must be kept, they could not lay a hand on the child unless she was dead. 

Their family had no other choice but to sneakily take Li Yu’s to his paternal aunt. His aunt and her husband nearly had no job due to that, but in any case, his father was saved.  

In the family registry, Li Yu was listed as his aunt’s son. However, not only had the policy relaxed in recent years, but the officials had also loosened up their mentality. Those who had a better relationship with the Li’s family knew that fact before, but now, they could not do anything about it. Firstly, it was no longer an effective means to strike at the family, and secondly, Li Yu’s paternal grandfather was already someone that no one could touch.  

The child that such a powerful clan had taken a huge risk to keep must be the family’s most beloved. 

Jian-dashao thought that if he were to make the grandson bat for the same team and Lao Li found out, then he would no longer be able to mix in with them. 

But looking at it from another perspective, there were many men who did things that overstepped the boundaries of what was considered ‘proper’ in their youth. So, what if he were to sleep with Li Yu – they would separate sooner or later. When that time came, he would enjoy himself and Li Yu could do whatever he pleased, living happily without a thought for the future. Would that not be quite beautiful?

Jian Suiying contemplated some more. 

From a rational point of view, it would be enough just for him to look and fantasize. No matter how good-looking Li Yu was, there were plenty of good-looking guys in the world for him to fool around with, so why go against such a clan? But Li Yu’s appearance and that unforgettable manner, why was it to his liking to this extent? Why was he so rare? He, Jian Suiying, was the kind of person who, the more he could not have something, the more he wanted to try it. When he became aware of the fact that Li Yu was not someone he should touch, the more he wanted to fucking touch him. 

Jian Sui Yin sighed because of his own characteristics. 

He pressed the cigarette into the ashtray.

Damn it, he didn’t want to think about it. Perhaps, he wouldn’t even remember what Li Yu looked like in a few days, yet instead, he was at a total loss now. 

He reached his hand into the blankets and pinched Pipi’s soft and smooth butt. “Little rascal, don’t sleep yet.” While saying that, he lifted the blanket and let his unbridled hand touch on the person’s body.   

Pipi mumbled to himself and started to giggle, “Jian Shao, you’re pressing into me… you’re really strong. You also came tonight…”

For three consecutive weeks, Jian Suiying did not return home, and that person Li Yu, also gradually faded from his memory. 

However, by coincidence, his father called and asked him to come home to eat and pick up his younger brother on the way. 

His father firmly believed that the two brothers should spend more time together in order to improve their relationship. Sadly, the more that he wanted Jian Suiying and Jian Suilin to stay together, the more he troubled Jian Suilin.  

Leaving aside that shameless mother of Jian Suilin, he was not a brother that Jian Suiying wanted either. 

He remembered back when Jian Suilin first came to his house, blindly subservient—whoever raised their voice just a bit, he would pull his neck back, and he looked like a little girl. With one glance at him, Jian Suiying immediately agreed with that statement. 

They were all grown now, and Jian Suiying was no longer the ignorant child that he was back then, therefore, Jian Suilin was able to pass his days by a lot better. As for their relationship, it was still as though they were walking on thin ice with each other. Jian Suiying refused to return home – ‘what the eyes doesn’t see the heart doesn’t grieve over’.  

But since his father had spoken, he had no other choice but to leave work early and pick up Jian Suilin. 

By the time he arrived, nearly all the students were gone. He called Jian Suilin, not expecting to hear a familiar ringtone sound not too far away the moment it connected.

Jian Suiying turned his head around and saw a wave of people at the basketball court not far from the school gate. With one glance, he saw Jian Suilin with Li Yu beside him 

Seeing him, Jian Suiying suddenly felt his heart jump. He hung up the call and made his way toward the basketball court. 

Jian Suilin saw him from afar and quickly ran over and smiled, exposing a set of pearly white teeth. “Ge, you’re here.”

“Mm.” Jian Suiying casually gave him a glance before his eyes drifted to Li Yu. The uniform shirt that Li Yu wore was soaked with sweat and his pants were pulled up to his knees, revealing those two slender and sturdy legs, and the sunlight that scattered on his body left a dazzling aura. No wonder, the side of the court was surrounded by young ladies, spellbound by him. 

When Li Yu made a beautiful three-step layup, all the young ladies screeched repeatedly. He quickly threw the ball, looked left and right as if seeking out someone before his gaze finally rested on where they were standing. He paused for a moment and then ran over. 

Jian Suiying’s eyes had long been enticed by him – completely. He smiled and watched as Li Yu got closer to him. The pace of his footsteps seemed to step all over his heart. Jian Suiying did not anticipate that there was a time where he could still feel a rush of excitement toward someone… perhaps it was only for that boy. This feeling was refreshing and beautiful and simply made him feel as though he had returned to his youthful days. 

That period of time had allowed him to forget his desire for Li Yu. But the second he saw him once more, that feeling came rushing back at full speed. 

Li Yu nodded at him, “Jian-ge.”

Jian Suiying laughed, “Li Yu.” He slowly called out that name as if quietly thinking over it while fiddling with his hands. “I haven’t seen you for a long while. It’s been what, two-three weeks now?”

“Mm, yes.” Li Yu casually said and then turned to Jian Suilin. “Are you going now?”

Jian Suilin nodded, “Let’s go.”

Jian Suiying was over the moon, but he tried his best to restrain himself. “He’s going too?”

“Yeah, I also invited some other classmates, but Li Yu is going to eat at home with us first.”

Hearing that, Jian Suiying wanted to ask him, ‘why are you inviting all those friends?’

But before he could ask, Li Yu spoke first as if he could see his train of thoughts. “Today is Sui Lin’s birthday.”

Jian Sui Yin simply let out an ‘oh’ without asking anything else. “Let’s go.”

A hint of disappointment seemed to flit by Jian Suilin’s eyes when he heard that and soon his whole face showed how he felt. That look did not go unnoticed by Li Yu; his own expression was drowned with bitterness. 

On the road, if Jian Suiying had a question for Li Yu, he would answer but he did not say more than necessary. Jian Suiying found that to be rather uninteresting, so he did not say anything else. The three seemed lost in their own thoughts as they looked out the windows for solitude. 

When they arrived at the house, the front was brightly lit with several parked cars. Jian Suiying knew that his relatives were here.

As he entered the house, all eyes fell on him. 

“Sui Ying is back,” his second aunt smiled and went to welcome him with eyes full of joy. 

“Second aunt, uncle.”

Jian Suiying greeted them all one by one before his gaze finally shifted to a person sitting at the corner of the sofa. 

There sat a beautiful and elegant woman in her thirties, wearing a cold expression who was obviously being isolated there. It looked as though none of the relatives had taken notice of her. It was only until Jian Suilin walked over and sat down beside her and called her ‘mother’ did her expression softened. 

Jian Suiying exposed a sarcastic smile. 

Today was Jian Suilin’s eighteenth birthday which was considered a meaningful day. There were many relatives, hence, it was lively, and the excitement lingered. 

The main topics at the dinner table were all focused on Jian Suilin’s college entrance examination. Everyone was talking at the same time, trying to figure out his performance and what schools he should apply to; the atmosphere was like any ordinary family dinner.

Jian Suiying deliberately sat near Li Yu and turned a deaf ear to what everyone else said. He only uttered a few words with Li Yu since he was rather busy as well. With Lao Li’s grandson being here, the Jian’s relatives were all considerably courteous to him. Every time they asked Jian Suilin something, Li Yu would also be pulled into the conversation; who wouldn’t, since the two were classmates after all. 

Jian Suiying was exceptionally unsatisfied. 

After dinner, the elders started to give Jian Suilin red envelopes.2 

When Jian Suiying looked at Jian Suilin’s hand and saw that it was full of red envelopes, he took out a blank check from his own pocket, filled it a few numbers, and passed it over to him. “Come, take this.”

An unclear expression fell on Jian Suilin’s face as he slowly received it, “Thank you, Ge.”

At that moment, his father who stood beside them caught a glimpse of the amount and immediately disapproved of it. “Sui Ying, why didn’t you pick up a gift for your brother? He’s only an eighteen years old student. Giving him so much money, what is he going to do with it all? There’s no need to transfer it.” 

Jian Suiying ignored his words, “He’s an adult now. He should know how to spend money.”

Jian Dong Yuan frowned and snorted, obviously unsatisfied. He turned to Jian Suilin, “You are also an adult, but you only know how to spend, and not how to make it. In the future, spend more time with your brother and learn from him.”

“Yes, dad.” Jian Suilin nodded and looked at him with his bright eyes. 

“Okay now, let’s ask Ma Shu3 to take you to where you’re meeting your friends. Have fun tonight.”

Jian Suiying cut in, “I’ll take them.”

Jian Dong Yuan, “You’re not staying to chat with us?”

Jian Suiying wanted to leave a long time ago, what was so good to chat about with a group of seniors, he had thought. “No, I have something to do tonight. I can quickly drop them off.”

“That’s okay then.”

Jian Suiying reaped a great harvest as he grabbed the two young boys and quickly left the scene. 

He took the two to a place where they could enjoy a KTV session and then glanced at Li Yu with unwilling eyes before finally deciding to leave. 

Jian Suilin hesitatingly said, “Ge, you can go up too.” 

“What would I go up for? Aren’t they all your classmates?” Jian Suiying nonchalantly asked. 

Jian Suilin pursed his lips and softly whispered, “Sit down for a bit…” 

Jian Suiying stared at him, “You want me to sit with a group of children, what would come out of that?” he said, starting the car. He did not have the time to accompany a group of brats.

Li Yu suddenly opened his mouth: “Jian-ge, come up and have a seat. Today is Sui Lin’s birthday.”  

The hand that Jian Suiying had on the steering wheel paused; the keys did not turn all the way yet, and soon, even the engine came to a complete stop. 

He turned to glance at Li Yu. The handsome young boy’s face lit up beneath the neon lights, appearing to have a sort of amorous feeling. 

Li Yu used a looked of expectation to gaze at him. 

No hero could pass the barrier of beauty.  

In the end, Jian Suiying pulled the key out. “Okay, okay, okay, I’ll sacrifice myself for today and accompany you guys.”

Translator’s Note:

1 Dashao – son of a rich family

2 red envelopes – In Chinese and other East Asian and Southeast Asian societies, a red envelope, red packet, li xì (Vietnamese), lai see (Cantonese), âng-pau (Hokkien) or hóngbāo (Mandarin) is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions such as weddings, graduation or the birth of a baby.

3 Ma Shu – the Shū (叔) here means uncle, so Uncle Ma who is most likely the family’s chauffeur. 

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  1. Another awesome chapter, I keep grinning like an idiot^^!!! I really like reading from Jian Sui Ying’s pov. He has a big crush on LY!!! Oh my, how is this going to turn out???!! ^^. Thanks SaE!!


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