Idiot – Chapter 6

Translate: Sae | Proofread: anasofi

Li Yu turned the car into the underground parking lot of Jian Sui Yin’s apartment. 

Jian Suiying whistled, “Not bad. Who taught you?”

“My brother.” Li Yu said as he opened the door, got out and went around to help him get out of the passenger seat. 

At that moment, Jian Suiying acted a bit shameless by pretending to not have any strength in order to lean against Li Yu. Being a man with a stature of a bit over 180cm, one could only imagine what Jian Suiying’s body weight was. After managing to help him out of the car, Li Yu was already sweating.

‘Owww’, Jian Suiying let out before that ‘extremely weak’ foot tripped over itself, causing him to nearly fall over. With that as a reasonable tactic, he impolitely hugged the back of Li Yu’s waist for ‘support’.  

Li Yu gasped, “Jian-ge, it’s too hot. Don’t hold onto me.” Since the parking lot was not equipped with an air conditioning system and adding on the fact that they had just played basketball until they were drenched in sweat, now that they were stuck together, there was no need to mention the uncomfortable feeling. 

But Jian-dashao didn’t think so~ what he was thinking of was how slender that little waist was, you know~ this neck was so white, he really wanted to take a bite!

Li Yu did not know that inside of the dignified Jian-dashao’s mind were repulsive and roguish thoughts. He wholeheartedly believed that he had crushed Jian Suiying’s foot, and brought him home with worry and logic. Otherwise, how would Jian Suilin look at him? 

Jian Suiying whispered, “But my foot hurts… and I can’t stand still.” Even though he said that, he was also afraid Li Yu might disagree. As a result, he controlled himself a bit and no longer stuck close to Li Yu. It was just that he actually needed to rely on Li Yu, so he only leaned half of his body slightly against him. 

Li Yu took a breather and then placed his hand beneath Jian Suiying’s arm to support him before they gradually made their way toward the elevator.  

Unfortunately, Jian Suiying lived on the highest floor of this 28-story apartment. The style of the apartment was such that there was an upper and lower floor—the downstairs level was for living and the upstairs level had a private swimming pool and a small garden. The environment was pretty good, but the thing was that with only him living there, it was practically empty. 

Since he bought the place, Li Yu was the first person he brought in beside his father and a couple of other relatives.

He had never brought home any messed up or troublesome person; letting people know his nest was certainly not a good thing, but for Li Yu, he had a strange urge to live with him.

After Li Yu entered, he scanned the area. “Is there no one else in here?”

“Normally there’s a worker, but there’s no one at this hour.” 

Li Yu frowned as he helped Jian Suiying down on the sofa. He couldn’t help but mentally sigh. “Then have… have you eaten?” 

“Not yet.” Jian Suiying touched his stomach, actually feeling a bit hungry as he looked anxiously at Li Yu.

Once he asked that question and received that answer, Li Yu knew that he couldn’t escape. “Is there anything in the refrigerator? I will make something for you to eat.”

“There’s no food, only drinks and beer.”

Li Yu, “You don’t eat at home?”

“What can I eat alone… oh, there are instant noodles.”

“Then, do you want to have that?”

Jian Sui Yin leaned back into the sofa comfortably and smiled at him. “Okay, I’ll eat whatever you make.”

Looking to where he pointed toward, Li Yu got a couple packets of noodles from the cupboard and boiled the water.

While the water was boiling, Jian Suiying did not remain idle. “Li Yu, help me. I want to take a shower and change out of these clothes.”

Li Yu simply said ‘oh’ and went over to help him walk to the bathroom. 

Jian Suiying felt that this boy didn’t seem to be that inconsiderate. In fact, he could be quite decent. If it wasn’t because he wanted to take advantage of him, he wouldn’t have acted so delicate when his ankle twisted. 

Actually, he could have easily hopped to the bathroom with the other foot, but he couldn’t help but be secretly delighted. 

Once Li Yu helped him into the bathroom, Jian Suiying leaned against the wall and started to take off his clothes. 

Seeing that, Li Yu immediately froze and quietly shifted his gaze elsewhere. 

Jian Suiying was fairly confident with his body, but the thing was, he didn’t know whether or not Li Yu was interested in men. Thus, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and observed Li Yu’s expression.

If this boy was interested in men, Jian Suiying did not believe that he would not react to him stripping naked.

Unexpectedly, there was no expression on Li Yu’s face when he took off his shirt. Li Yu only made a movement that looked as though he was afraid Jian Suiying might fall and was ready to help.

Seeing that, Jian Suiying was somewhat dispirited and said, “Can you help me, I need to take my pants off.” 

With Li Yu supporting his arm, Jian Suiying used his free hand to undo his pants. After a while, it finally fell down to the sole of his feet. 

When he pulled one foot out and tried to move the other one for a second only to end up halting abruptly, he didn’t dare to move it again. The pants piled on the injured ankle, making it hard for him to straighten his foot in order to pull it out. Without a helping hand, he had to shake it, but if he did that, he needed a great amount of determination to do it since he wasn’t faking the swelling, it was actually quite painful. 

Li Yu’s expression changed as he looked at his foot. In the end, he did not say anything. He didn’t know if it was genetically inherited or not, but Jian Suilin and… Jian Suiying’s limbs were exceptionally nice-looking. The person had good skin, yet his character was actually… 

Gritting his teeth, Jian Suiying lifted his throbbing feet out of the pants and hissed as the pain hit his nerves. 

After taking off his pants, he began to remove his underwear.

Eventually, Li Yu couldn’t help it and whispered. “Jian-ge, the water should be hot now. Let me go and take a look.”

Jian Suiying glanced at him only to discover that Li Yu’s eyes were dodging him – not daring to look at him. Thinking that that was a sign, he certainly must not let him go. “Hey, what am I going to do if you leave now?”

Jian-dashao’s shamelessness was actually much less than usual. If he could seduce him with just his bare bottom, why not? Since he had such a nice figure~ by no means did he feel embarrassed.

Li Yu’s forehead was sweating again. He always felt that Jian Suiying was deliberately teasing him. But then again, he thought that he himself was being too oversensitive. By now, there was a hint of shyness on his face. “Then… then hurry up and take it off.”

Once Jian Suiying cheekily dragged down his underwear, that brother down there (let’s call it) Jian Xiao1 suddenly jumped out. When his underwear dropped to his ankle just like before, Jian Suiying took out his left foot. 

Just as he was about to take out his right foot, he intentionally screamed when he slipped, and his naked body went toward Li Yu – ultimately leaning against him. 

Li Yu was shocked, but quickly held onto him. 

When Jian Suiying fell toward him and his lips lightly slid across Li Yu’s cheek, he quietly stared as Li Yu’s ears became bright red.  

That discovery excited Jian-dashao. He couldn’t help but think that this boy was too adorable and too tasty. He had both the shyness of a teenager and the calmness of a man, plus, he was also beautiful. Where else could he find a person with those qualities?

At that moment, Jian Suiying made up his mind – in a person’s lifetime, they must live to enjoy the present; regardless of whose grandson he was, he must absolutely have him.

Li Yu didn’t know where his own strength came from, but he somehow managed to semi-carry Jian Suiying in his arms, put him in the bathtub, turn on the warm water, and practically fled out of the bathroom. “I’m going to make the noodles. You can bath now.”

Everything happened so quickly that Jian Suiying could only look at his back and grin.

As expected, it had to be him! 

He felt that it wouldn’t be long until he could press Li Yu beneath him and love him dearly as much as he liked.

When Jian Suiying was comfortably taking a bath and noticed that Li Yu still did not come in, he reckoned that he must have really scared him. 

As he pondered that, he poured the water on himself and grabbed a towel to wipe himself dry before he called out, “Li Yu, get a bathrobe for Ge.”

After a while, Li Yu brought in pajamas. However, when he walked in, his eyes were still dodging Jian Suiying’ – still not daring to look at him. 

Seeing that, Jian Suiying deliberately teased him. “What’s wrong? How come you’re acting all embarrassed like a young lady? Are you not a man? What I have, you also have. What’s there for you to be shy about?”

Li Yu frowned and wanted to open his mouth to defend himself, but he realized that no matter what he said, the one to lose face was still himself. 

Jian Suiying ​​laughed, “How is Ge’s build? These muscles are beautiful, right? I have to train at least two days a week to keep it this way. It was definitely not all in vain. Come, help me up.”

Li Yu dilly-dallied over and lifted him up with a blank expression, he even held him again as he pulled up and out of the bathtub. 

While Jian Suiying was putting the bathrobe on, he said in Li Yu’s ear: “Li Yu, do you know what area a man should train the most?”

Li Yu stiffly answered, “I don’t know.”

Jian Suiying vaguely smiled, “The waist. The waist is the most important. You will understand it later on… ei? Tell Ge the truth, have you slept with anyone?”

Li Yu bit his lips a bit and endured it. 

Jian Suiying’s heart flipped with joy. How come he didn’t know how much fun it was to tease a kid before?

“It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it. But if you’re willing to, Jian-ge can teach you a lot of practical experience, enough for you to use for half a lifetime.”

After he finished saying that, he started to laugh lightly. 

Li Yu took a deep breath, if he was not injured because of him and that he was Jian Suilin’s older brother, he would have avoided all this and walked away a long time ago. He was highly skeptical – what exactly was it about this frivolously senseless person that made him, and Jian Suilin look like brothers? 

Finally, once Jian Suiying was able to wear his clothes after much difficulty, Li Yu helped him walk to the dining table. 

“Jian-ge, you can eat. I have to leave first.”

“Huh? You have to leave?”

Li Yu firmly said, “My mom is waiting for me to return home to eat.”

That sentence made Jian Suiying a bit disappointed. He thought that Li Yu would stay with him for dinner, but he couldn’t keep him here and not let him go just because of his swollen foot.

After Li Yu left, Jian Suiying didn’t have an appetite anymore. 

He looked at the empty and characterless room, he felt somewhat regrettable for having overly teased Li Yu in his blinded moment of joy just then. Honestly, he didn’t know whether or not Li Yu was angry. 

It would have been great if Li Yu could have stayed to accompany him. 

Translator’s Note:

1 Jian Xiao xiongdi ( 简小兄弟): to be technical, his ‘thing’ was called, ‘Master Jian’s little brother’ – Jian being his surname.

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