Shameless – Chapter 18A

Title: Everything in the world is as changeable as chess (is)

Translate: Sae

When he first entered Jin Ting, Han Jia was often asked about the words on his back. The person who asked was different, and his explanation was different. There was a time when this word even became his selling point.

In fact, he didn’t mind others asking. When he entered Jin Ting, he always had to expose his body in front of others. Could such an obvious mark conceal the past? He had already been mentally prepared.

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SAYE – Chapter 31

Translate: Sae | Proofread: Anasofia

Jiang Cheng felt that he had quite the skill to be able to pick such an inexplicable outfit without much thought. 

The outfit itself was pretty good-looking if you ignored the jacket: slim-fitted pants and a loose black T-shirt, and although it was also that of knitted material, at the very least it was the kind that wouldn’t lure the masses to gape at when worn outside. 

But as soon as he put this jacket on, he froze and looked back at Gu Fei. “Hey, are you sure I didn’t get the wrong clothes?” 

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