SAYE – Chapter 32

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The building Gu Fei lived at was newer than Li Baoguo’s. Although it had also been built by the street with no fencing or property management and was probably also public housing, it seemed much more pleasing on the eyes.  

It was not imbued with the strong stench of the city center, and even the corridor walls were still white without any sign of cobwebs.  

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Shameless – Chapter 19A

Title: Seemingly far away, but in reality, very close

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Before answering, Han Jia was quiet for a second or two.

Then he looked at Zhang Xueming and smiled coldly: “You did everything you could to stay in Jin Ting, but unfortunately, I’m not interested at all in the terms of exchange you’ve said just now.” His voice was also low and clear, “Make Ming-ge miserable? Why would I do that?”

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Shameless – Chapter 18B

Title: Everything in the world is as changeable as chess (is).

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“Han Jia, if my dad and I fell into the water at the same time and you could only save one of us, who would you save?”

What was Han Jia doing at that time? Enjoying the view in front of the window, sorting out the things in the cupboard, or clumsily cooking? 

In short, he had his back to him and didn’t turn his head around when he commented syllable by syllable: “Bo—ring.”

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