SAYE – Chapter 36

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Jiang Cheng considered Lao Xu to be quite responsible, but he really didn’t want to say anything, nor did he even know how to say it. Even if he made an effort to explain – because the person who lashed out from a single comment by another person was him – if he wanted to clearly explain the situation, he would have to simultaneously explain too many other things in the process, things he had no will to confront. 

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SAYE – Chapter 35

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Wang Xu’s family restaurant had always been crowded in the early morning and to get a flatbread or two for breakfast was a great pleasure, if possible. When they arrived only to see that there was already no place to sit, they ended up sitting in the room where the family personally ate in.  

“There are no donkey meat fillings this early. They’re normally made in the noontime,” Wang Xu said and brought over two baskets of stuffed flatbreads and a bowl of lamb soup. “Did you two leave together this morning?”

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SAYE – Chapter 34

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His previous school also had a forum but it wasn’t frequent much; after all, it was a key high school where the teachers fell short of actually holding metal detectors to scan each individual student for mobile phones the second they entered through the gate every day. Consequently, phones were at constant risk of being confiscated, which was the direct effect of why no one generally toyed with these things, and at most, there were only small-scale gossip groups on WeChat.

Such a forum, meshed with all sorts of erratic discussions and spectacles was not something that Jiang Cheng had been exposed to in the past.

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