SAYE – Chapter 51

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The two of them sat in the shop in silence. Jiang Cheng couldn’t tell what Gu Fei was thinking, but he knew for sure that he himself wasn’t thinking of anything – he was just stunned. His mind was churning but he didn’t know what it was even churning about. 

When it almost reached 9:00 o’clock, Gu Fei stood up from his seat: “Let’s go. Do you want me to take you back?” 

“Oh.” Jiang Cheng also stood up. He froze for a while before asking, “Take me? Why do you need to take me?” 

“In case you get lost again ah,” Gu Fei replied. 

“Fuck.” Jiang Cheng burst out laughing, “Now, I can go back even with my eyes closed.” 

“You’re so amazing~.” Gu Fei put on his jacket. 

“I’ve always been incredibly amazing,” Jiang Cheng retorted, following him out of the shop. 

Gu Fei’s house was in the same direction as the apartment that Jiang Cheng rented. They would pass by the intersection by Gu Fei’s house first and then the apartment that Jiang Cheng rented would only be a little ways forward. 

The two remained silent as they rode their bikes back together. Jiang Cheng had a constant urge to say something, but there didn’t seem to be anything he could talk about so he could only continue staring at the road ahead. 

When they passed by the intersection by Gu Fei’s house, Gu Fei didn’t make a turn. Jiang Cheng noticed this but didn’t point it out, and the two rode until they reached the rental apartment before stopping. 

“Are you going to school tomorrow?” Jiang Cheng asked. 

“I’m going,” Gu Fei replied. “Didn’t Captain Wang want to have a practice from noon to afternoon?” 

“That injury of yours.” Jiang Cheng shot him a look, “Will it be okay when we go against Class 2?” 

“Don’t worry.” Gu Fei gave the injury on his waist a few pats, “It won’t affect anything. Plus, Class 2 is pretty ethical when they play.” 

“En.” Jiang Cheng nodded. 


The conversation had ended but neither of them made a move; Jiang Cheng didn’t get off his bike and head inside the corridor, and nor did Gu Fei turn around and head back. 

After a period of silence, Jiang Cheng cleared his throat: “Then… I’ll head up now.” 

“En,” Gu Fei sounded. 

Yet even after that exchange, still neither of them moved. Both remained straddling their bikes, with a leg supporting them on the ground as if they had been cemented in place. 

After another period of time, Gu Fei finally spoke up again: “Just head up. I’m going now.”

“Oh.” Jiang Cheng finally moved. He led the bike along the sidewalk, “Goodnight.” 

“Goodnight,” Gu Fei echoed. 

After Jiang Cheng pushed the bike into the corridor and properly locked it away, he glanced back to see that Gu Fei was still in the same place. After seeing this, Gu Fei gave him a wave before he pedaled the bike, made a turn, and left. 


Jiang Cheng returned to the apartment and took a shower before he sat himself at the desk and took a look at that day’s homework – he was unexpectedly unable to understand a thing even after staring at it for a long time. 

With that evening event, adding onto the afternoon he already had that day, he felt like his brain had absorbed a little too much shock. All sorts of things were stuffed into a chaotic mess that practically filled his head to the brim – there basically wasn’t any room remaining for the information contained in his homework. 

It took at least ten minutes for him to finally calm down and start working on his homework. 

His phone sounded – Pan Zhi had sent a message. 

– The materials that I sent to you are being delivered so remember to pay attention to any calls ah. Didn’t you change your address? Is it far? 

– Not that far. Send me the courier number. 

Pan Zhi then sent over the courier number. 

Jiang Cheng checked the delivery man’s phone number, intending to tell them to not make an on-door delivery and that he would just pick it up himself. He really didn’t want to go to the street where Li Baoguo’s place was ever again… he didn’t know how to deal with Li Baoguo if he were to ever bump into him. 

– Also, there’s a USB in there. I’ve made a copy of all the coursework that our teachers are using for the semester on there. Take a look and see if they’re useful ba

Jiang Cheng stared at the message. If Pan Zhi were by his side right then, he would have definitely gone up to him and give him a big hug. What a filial grandson ah

He picked up his phone and took a selfie with his thumbs raised. Then he photoshopped some garish images on it before sending it to Pan Zhi. 


Pan Zhi didn’t reply to him for a long time after that so he put his phone aside. He felt like his brain had finally managed to make a little room, thus he sat down and started to actually work on his homework. 

Si Zhong’s homework wasn’t even a lot – his sleep wouldn’t be delayed even if he had only started working on it at that time – however, it actually caused him to feel a little uneasy. He considered whether or not he should let Pan Zhi send him a copy of his homework everyday too… 

After working on it for almost an hour, his phone sounded – a message had come. 

He picked it up and took a look. 

– That selfie of yours could be named “Thank god, I’m handsome”. I’ll send you some of the pictures I took before in two days so please don’t take anymore selfies. 

Jiang Cheng froze. When he finally came back to his senses, he hurriedly took a look at the name at the top. 

小兔子乖乖 – Gently little bunny!1

“Fuck?!” He was shocked stiff. He swiped two more times on the screen before he was finally sure that he actually sent the picture he meant to send to Pan Zhi to Gu Fei! 

– Fuck, how did I send that to you????? 

– Who did you want to send that to? 

– To my friend! 

Gu Fei didn’t immediately reply. After Jiang Cheng resent the photo to Pan Zhi, he then finally received another message. 

– Send this one to your friend ba

There was even a photo beneath the message. When Jiang Cheng suddenly saw his face that pretty much took up the entire screen, he was instantly overwhelmed with embarrassment. 

It was the close-up taken by Gu Fei when he had a wound on his lips that day. 

On the side was a somewhat idiotic-looking row of words that glowed: – Me and my stubborn wound –  

– Fuck! What’s wrong with you?? 

He sent a message back to Gu Fei. 

– It’s much better than that selfie of yours. I had photoshopped it with such painstaking care. 

– Scram! 

– How ungrateful! 

– So what if I’m ungrateful?? 

-【Fuck him up!.jpg】2

Jiang Cheng burst into a laughing fit as he stared at the picture Gu Fei sent over before he finally replied again: 

– I’m doing my fucking homework rn. 

– Good luck, xueba~. 

When he got up the next day, Jiang Cheng felt that his head was a little heavy. He sat at the edge of his bed in a daze for several minutes, yet he was unable to recall the chaotic dreams he had last night. 

He could only remember that there were Gu Fei, a zoo, and Pan Zhi and Wang Xu who had made guest appearances – the whole thing was uproarious. 

He sighed before standing up to wash his face. 

Perhaps it was because a night had already passed. But now that he thought again about the things Gu Fei had talked about, the stuff from his childhood, and the “fair duel” between him and Hou Zi, there was no longer an unacceptable feeling of shock. Rather, everything seemed to have become a little unreal to him as if it was all just a very vivid dream. 

After buying breakfast downstairs, Jiang Cheng slowly rode his bike to school with the handlebar in one hand and nibbling a deep-fried dough cake with the other. 

The weather really was growing warmer; he was already halfway through the deep-fried dough cake yet it still hadn’t cooled yet…  

When he passed the intersection, he squeezed the brakes. However, he didn’t hear Gu Fei’s whistle. He turned his head to the sides and looked around but didn’t see Gu Fei waiting for him by the road. 

He sighed. At this time, if there wasn’t a special reason, then Gu Fei must have not gotten out of bed yet. 

There were still a few minutes before class when he arrived at school. Jiang Cheng parked his bike in the parking lot and walked towards the school gates. 

When he was only a little over a dozen meters away, he abruptly stopped in his steps. 

Lao Xu was on duty this week; he was standing in front of the gates at that moment, and before him was another person. 

Li Baoguo. 

Jiang Cheng suddenly felt a burst of irritation and panic. After staying rooted in place for a few seconds, he lowered his head, crossed the street, and took a detour around the school gates, and ran towards the enclosure at the front of the school. 

The place that Gu Fei told him last time where he could climb over the wall was actually pretty easy to find. 

The campus’ small shop had just opened and when he climbed up the wall, the boss who so happened to be sweeping the ground gaped at him in shock. “Kid, the bell hasn’t even rung yet. The school gates are still open.” 

“I… know.” Jiang Cheng used a hand to pull himself up as he stared back at him. 

The boss didn’t say anymore, but the expression on his face was just like he was facing a retard. 

Jiang Cheng didn’t bother with him anymore either. He pressed his foot against the wall and climbed over the top of the wall, but just as he was about to glance down at the state of the pile of bricks down below so he could conveniently jump down, he suddenly saw another person standing beside the brick pile. 

“… Liu-xiao?”3 Jiang Cheng was squatting on the wall when he was struck dumb. 

Liu-xiao was even more dumbfounded than the shop owner outside. He stared at him for a long time but was still at a loss for words. 

“Liu-xiao… good morning.” Jiang Cheng didn’t know whether he should jump in or turn around and jump back out. 

“Ah, good morning.” Liu Xiao answered him out of reflex as he continued to gape at him. 

Jiang Cheng hesitated for a couple of seconds but in the end, he still chose to jump in. The pile of bricks was probably used recently as the bricks on the edges of the pile had decreased – he just happened to land on the empty area in front of Liu-xiao when he jumped down. 

By the time he stood up, Liu-xiao’s eyeballs were almost popping out. 

“I’ll… head to the classroom now.” Jiang Cheng pointed towards the front, and without waiting for Liu-xiao to reply, he lifted his legs and ran. He sprinted all the way to the school building before he finally slowed down. 

He didn’t know whether Liu-xiao hadn’t come back to his senses all that time or was actually cutting him some slack this time. After all, the time he climbed over the wall couldn’t count as “late-wall-climbing”, and he didn’t step on any tree branches either… in any case, nobody had come looking for him even after three classes in. 

Lao Xu didn’t come to find him either. The previous class was Lao Xu’s, yet he just left the classroom the moment he finished teaching and didn’t come over to talk to Jiang Cheng. 

Jiang Cheng felt a little bored. He didn’t care much about climbing over the wall, but Li Baoguo coming to the school made him feel very ill at ease. He didn’t know what it was that Li Baoguo wanted to do or what Li Baoguo had said to Lao Xu…  

So irritating. 

Adding to that, Gu Fei still hadn’t arrived at school. The seat beside him was empty and inside the table were the books and notebooks that Gu Fei haphazardly stuffed in, plus some unfinished worksheets. 

The people in class didn’t pay any mind to Gu Fei skipping class – the guy would skip classes every week. 

Perhaps he was the only one in the entire class who would feel uncomfortable about Gu Fei not showing up. The place beside him felt desolate, and he felt like there was a void in his heart. 

Every time he turned his head and didn’t see Gu Fei, who would have lowered his head as he played Craz3 Match, he would unexpectedly feel unaccustomed to it.  

It was only until the final class was nearly halfway over that a figure swayed in from the backdoor of the classroom. Jiang Cheng swiftly turned to face that direction and caught sight of Gu Fei speeding into the classroom. 

“I thought you weren’t coming,” Jiang Cheng whispered. 

“I said that I would come ah.” Gu Fei smiled. “We still have to practice in the afternoon ne.” 

“… I thought you meant that you would come to class,” Jiang Cheng mumbled. 

“I slept late yesterday so I overslept this morning. I came over the moment I woke up.” Gu Fei randomly pulled out a few textbooks and tossed them on the table. “It’ll be the same whether I listen to this class or not. I’ve long been unable to understand it.” 

Jiang Cheng didn’t say anything in response. He took out a tissue adhesive and threw it on his desk. 

“Such a high-grade item.” Gu Fei picked it up and looked it over a couple of times before pocketing it, “Treat me to something for lunch.” 

Jiang Cheng shot him a look: “Based on…” 

“Based on the fact that I always treat you,” Gu Fei cut him off. 

“… fine, but I have to pick up a delivery at noon. Conveniently enough, you can help me take a look at this place.” Jiang Cheng took out his phone and showed Gu Fei the address of the pickup location that he wrote down, “Do you know where this is?” 

“Yeah.” Gu Fei glanced at him, “It’s beside the railway bridge.” 

“Ah.” The moment Jiang Cheng heard the words ‘railway bridge’, he fell into a daze. 

“You bought something?” Gu Fei asked. 

“No,” Jiang Cheng answered, “My classmate sent some study materials and stuff.” 

“I’ll go pick it up with you,” Gu Fei said, “There happens to be a really good noodle restaurant in that area.” 

Jiang Cheng started laughing: “How come you know about every delicious place there is?” 

“It’s not that I know every place. It’s just that I’ve already tried out every place in the area.” Gu Fei explained, “I grew up here after all. My scope of activities is mainly from here to the train station and from there to the downtown square. I haven’t really gone anywhere else before.” 

“Oh.” Jiang Cheng gave him a look. 

“Where are you two going?!” Wang Xu disgruntledly called out from the parking lot as he fetched his bike, “We can conveniently practice afterward if we eat together. I’ve already asked Lao Xu for leave so we can have continuous practice! This unorganized and undisciplined behavior of yours…” 

“We’ll definitely arrive within an hour,” Gu Fei reassured. 

“This unorganized and undisciplined behavior is…” Wang Xu continued to say. 

“Captain, what we’re doing right now is asking you for leave.” Jiang Cheng interrupted, “Just a one hour leave to take care of some business. We promise we’ll report back to you in an hour.” 

Those words made Wang Xu feel very pleased so he nodded his head after a moment of contemplation: “Alright, you have my approval.” 

The railway bridge appeared very antiquated – it was probably already out of order. The railway in the middle was already covered in rust and filled with weeds. The paths on either side were still walkable but only pedestrians, bikes, and motorcycles, etc could pass through. 

After crossing the bridge, Jiang Cheng continuously surveyed the surrounding area. Contrary to expectations, the area wasn’t desolate; there were many small shops on the roadsides and they actually appeared to be pretty hectic. He also never saw a single derelict neighborhood or dilapidated building. 

“It’s over there. We’ve already passed the intersection” Gu Fei turned around and pointed at the first intersection they already passed after they got off the bridge, “You enter from there.” 

“Oh.” Jiang Cheng turned back his head to take a glance but didn’t spot anything noteworthy. However, the buildings in this area were all pretty short – they were basically all four or five-stories each. If a building was dilapidated, then it meant that it was built much earlier and its floors may be lower. Amen.

“If you really want to take a look tomorrow,” Gu Fei slowly pedaled his bike. “I’ll get Ding Zhuxin to pick you up ba. She knows…” 

“No need.” Jiang Cheng hurriedly interrupted him. 

Ding Zhuxin’s slight rejection towards him was something that he could detect – he didn’t want to have a Ding Zhuxin next to him when spectating something like this. 

“Then…” Gu Fei saw that he still had something he wanted to say. 

Jiang Cheng waved his hand: “Don’t mind me. I already said that I won’t let anybody see me go, and I won’t interfere with your brain-ischemic, building-jumping activity. Just take care of not getting yourself hurt.” 

Gu Fei snickered. 

“What’s there to laugh about?” Jiang Cheng snapped, “You’re just one of the members of the Team Steel Mill Retards.” 

Gu Fei started to laugh even harder. 

“Hey! Believe it or not, I’ll…” Jiang Cheng was initially feeling vexed when he remembered this matter, but Gu Fei’s laughter had completely laughed away his anger. He loosened his hold on the handlebar and imitated the sticker that Gu Fei sent him yesterday. With one hand curled into a fist, he pointed the other at Gu Fei, “Fuck you up!” 

Gu Fei froze before he suddenly dissolved into laughter to the point that the head of his bike twisted askew: “Pretty similar.” 

The materials that Pan Zhi had sent over filled an entire cardboard box which was bundled up very sturdily. There was also a USB that was contained in a paper bag. Jiang Cheng didn’t open them and just took a look at the spines of the books – he suddenly felt a lot more at ease. 

“Is this the person that came with you to Si Zhong last time?” Gu Fei skimmed over the delivery note, “Pan Shuai?”4 

“Pan Zhi.” Jiang Cheng took the delivery note and looked over it, “He’s a shameless fellow. The guy even used to write his name as Pan An5 on his exam papers before.” 

Gu Fei burst out laughing: “But his handwriting really is much more handsome than yours.” 

“The handwriting of xuezhas are all good,” Jiang Cheng retorted. “Us xuebas can’t be bothered with such insignificant details such as whether our handwriting looks good or not.” 

“You really should practice your handwriting.” Gu Fei said, “Lao Xu was on the brink of tears when he talked about your marks getting docked off from your exam the other day.” 

 “That’s because he never saw my handwriting from before,” Jiang Cheng responded. “My old handwriting was unreadable even for me.” 

 “Ai,” Gu Fei smiled as he sighed, “Let’s go eat noodles.” 

Perhaps, it was because he just got a pile of materials, or maybe it was because he had played basketball with Gu Fei for an entire afternoon, Jiang Cheng felt that the melancholy from that morning had dissipated by quite a lot. Even when he thought of Li Baoguo, he didn’t feel suffocated at all. 

After they finished practice, they walked out of the school gates. Gu Miao was sitting on the roadside with her skateboard placed under her butt. 

Gu Miao didn’t need to wear a hat anymore after the weather warms; on her head now was a disheveled mop of hair that had never been managed since she shaved her head bald and a red headband wrapped around her forehead. It really was… full of personality. 

“I’ll give you 50 RMB.” Jiang Cheng looked at Gu Fei. 

“Okay,” Gu Fei replied. 

This unconventional answer rendered Jiang Cheng in a sudden loss for words. 

Fortunately, Gu Fei returned to a conventional manner after a pause and asked: “Why?” 

“Take your dear sister to get a haircut, I beg of you.” Jiang Cheng pleaded. 

“Alright.” Gu Fei nodded and stretched his hand out in front of him. 

Jiang Cheng glanced at his hand, took out his wallet, and took out a 50 RMB bill and placed it on his hand. 

Gu Fei placed the money in his pocket: “Actually, she doesn’t need any money to get a haircut. We can just find Li Yan, his handiwork isn’t too shabby.” 

“… return my money.” Jiang Cheng was utterly speechless. 

 “No.” Gu Fei’s answer was very concise.

Jiang Cheng opened his mouth a few times but was unable to utter a single word. There was actually such a brazen person in the world! 

Gu Miao followed after the bikes on her skateboard as per usual, but the backseat she held onto that day was Jiang Cheng’s. She happily slid all the way to the front of Gu Fei’s family’s shop. 

“You’re heading back now?” Gu Fei asked. 

“En.” Jiang Cheng glanced at the bundle of materials on his backseat, “I’m going to head back and take a look at this stuff.” 

“Alright then,” Gu Fei nodded. “I’ll wait for you at the intersection tomorrow morning at eight o’clock.” 

“Okay,” Jiang Cheng responded and gave Gu Miao a wave. “Bye, Er Miao.” 

Gu Miao waved back. He smiled and pedaled the bike back. 

Si Zhong had arranged for the finals to take place on Saturday. It was most likely to make things convenient for all the teachers and students of the school as well as the students from the nearby schools to attend the game. The game would start at 12 o’clock, but the nervous Captain Wang Jiuri ordered everyone to gather at 8:30 to hurry and take that time to warm up. Everybody would definitely gather together with excitement again after the game was over, and perhaps they might even have some fun in the afternoon… 

Therefore, he probably wouldn’t have any time to familiarize himself with the building-jumping location the next day – he could only go that night. 

After he returned to the rented apartment and put everything away, Jiang Cheng went out again with his schoolbag and made his way straight to the railway bridge. 

The area around the railway bridge wasn’t desecrated in the least, but from the intersection that Gu Fei pointed out before, the amount of people had decreased considerably. The storefronts by the roads were each shabbier and more nondescript than the last. 

As he walked along all the way until the end of the road, he was met with a small fork. He could see that continuing from the left was a bedding and clothing factory, and on the right was a broken road littered with cracks. 

He walked towards the right, and after making his way forward for a few minutes, he spotted a couple of buildings with all their windows completely broken away. 

This was the place. 

He slowly rode forward as he surveyed the surrounding area, speculating which buildings the Steel Mill Retards were going to play turbo drop on. 

The couple of buildings right in front of him were definitely not the ones; they were too close to the outside so anyone could see them if they passed by. They had to be further inside. 

Jiang Cheng finally stopped in front of a cluster of four side-by-side buildings. 

The garbage around this area was evidently more than the other places; there were all sorts of beverage bottles, snack packages, and a ground full of cigarette butts. There was also a tin bucket placed in front of the building entrance. 

He went over and glanced inside the bucket – inside was filled with wood that had already been burnt into ashes. This should be what the retards use when they gather together to keep warm. 

There wasn’t a single person in the surrounding area. Jiang Cheng rested his bike against a random part of the wall and walked inside the dilapidated building across from this cluster of buildings. 

This building was set apart from all the others; it had five floors and was the tallest of the buildings in the area. But it was also decrepit to the point where he could see grass growing out of the cracks in the walls and even inside the building. As he went up, he felt that the building would collapse if there were two more people. 

After he went all the way up to the highest floor, Jiang Cheng walked to the window-side and peered towards the other side. 

The four buildings on the other side could pretty much be confirmed; the distance between the buildings wasn’t too wide. The two buildings on the right were four-stories tall while the two on the left were three-stories. The top of the leftmost building was already half caved-in so it was pretty much only two-stories tall. 

“Hello everyone.” Jiang Cheng raised his left hand and formed his middle finger and index finger into a ‘v’ then slowly moved it in front of his eyes, “Welcome, and thank you all for watching Episode 1 of Cheng-ge Takes You to Watch the Retards.” 

He walked to the second window: “The four buildings that everyone can see right now is the venue for the Steel Mill Retards Clan’s brain-ischemic building-jumping competition… we can deduce that they will be jumping from one building to another. According to the degree of how retarded they are, they may even proceed for a quadruple jump6… A lot of debris can be seen at the venue. These things all have signs of deliberate placement so we can also deduce that they may even challenge obstacle jumping too…” 

“Fuck,” Jiang Cheng lowered his hand and turned his head to observe the area, “Everyone has probably already noticed that the field of vision for aiming isn’t very good… let’s see if there’s a more suitable angle.”  

Jiang Cheng toured around the couple of rooms on the fifth floor before finally finding half a staircase leading up to the balcony on the rooftop. 

He jumped up and grabbed onto the staircase and after testing and determining that it was sturdy enough, he pressed his leg against the wall and climbed up from the gap above. 

“Dear audience, let’s see…” Jiang Cheng walked a few steps along the edge of the balcony, “I’m a little… afraid of heights. But for the sake of… taking everybody to see the retards… “

He slowly edged his way to the edge of the balcony: “This angle is very good.” 

He could clearly see the situation on the rooftop of the opposite building from here since the distance couldn’t be considered quite far, however… if he positioned himself here and somebody from the other side looked over, they could also clearly make out that a person was standing here. 

There was a small attic on the top floor so he walked over and stood by it – like this, he should be concealed. 

“Alright, everyone can see,” Jiang Cheng spoke as he fished around in his pockets and took out a slingshot and steel ball. He aimed towards the opposite balcony and stretched the rubberband taut, “What kind of hit we can make at this distance as well as the impact of a hit.” 

After he said that, he took a deep breath and ignored the subtle feeling of his legs growing soft. 

He narrowed his eyes towards the opposite side then loosened his hand and the steel ball flew out. 

Immediately afterward, a wooden rack that was placed on the other rooftop toppled over. 

“Today’s program will be ending here.” Jiang Cheng squinted his eyes towards the wooden rack, “After the finals tomorrow, please be on time to watch Episode 2 of Cheng-ge Takes You to Watch the Retards.” 

 The author has something to say: Continuing tomorrow. 

“Oho, is Cheng-ge going to cheat ⊙▽⊙?” The author excitedly said as she gripped tightly on the fourth and fifth black furry spirits that still don’t know how to speak yet. 

“According to the author’s disposition o(≧口≦)o, even if he does use one tomorrow, we won’t see it anyways o(≧口≦)o. We’re basically gonna have to read all the way until Friday o(≧口≦)o.” The black furry spirit shouted. 

The translators have something to say: 

Sae: Keep flirting you two! I swear they should have just kissed when Gu Fei took Jiang Cheng back!! And Cheng-ge to the rescue bitches!

Ice: Ugh, I’m also starting to feel insecure about my studies these days… I also need to pick up my pace and start looking at my materials or I will lose my own title of a xueba…! QAQ 


1 小兔子乖乖  – lit. well-behaved little bunny, obedient little bunny, good little bunny

2 Fuck him up! 怼他!.jpg – slang that can mean, to attack, to lash out, to take on, to call out, thrown down the gauntlet, to tear down

3 -xiao 校 from 校长  – Principal 

4 Pan Shuai 潘帅  – the shuai here means handsome – Handsome Pan

5 Pan An 潘安 – Pan Yue (Chinese: 潘岳; 247–300), courtesy name “Anren” (安仁), was a prominent Chinese fu poet in the Western Jin dynasty. He is popularly referred to as Pan An (潘安) and was well known for his good looks from a young age. “Pan An” has become the Chinese byword for handsome men. 

Book of Jin had this to write about Pan Yue’s looks:

(Pan) Yue was handsome in appearance and bearing… When he was young, he often strolled about outside Luoyang, holding a slingshot under the arm. Women who met him all surrounded him by hand and threw fruits in his chariot, so when he returned, his chariot was full of fruits.

6 Quadruple jump – 四级跳, it track and field at least there are only triple jumps which sometimes referred to as the hop, step and jump or the hop, skip and jump. Here Jiang Cheng added another hop or something for his own amusement, I believe.  

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    1. I dont know why i connect so much with JC. I still do the enactments of my everyday life as if iam a protagonist of my tv show whenever no one is around….even if people are around i do it in my mind. If I was born a boy, i would definately be like him….not that handsome though..thats impossible.

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