Shameless: Chapter 21A

Title: A man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant

Translate: Sae | Proofread: Ana


Jiang Xiaoning leaned back on the sofa, straddled by Han Jia. He could only feel his heart quickening as if it was thrashing against his chest, and all the while, his breathing had gradually become shallow and rapid.

He stared at Han Jia, having already lost the energy to contemplate on what Han Jia meant when he said, “I took the initiative”. He only knew that Han Jia responded to him and that Han Jia accepted him – those alone were enough to make his blood rush.

Han Jia also looked at him, and the expression in his eyes was something that he had never seen before. His pupils were almost pure black, profound, reaching the very depth. Jiang Xiaoning felt as though he was practically being drawn in.

He didn’t know how long he had stared into Han Jia’s eyes. Perhaps it had only been a few seconds, perhaps, it had already been a lifetime – he couldn’t bear it any longer. He struggled to get out of Han Jia’s grasp. He wanted to touch Han Jia; touch his eyelashes, his eyes, kiss his eyes and embrace him in his arms.

But Han Jia refused to let go. Jiang Xiaoning’s voice was hoarse when he spoke: “Han Jia, let go of me.”

As he spoke, he already could not restrain him, and just when he was about to resist, Han Jia gave a low “shhh” as if to pacify him before leaning down slightly and kissing Jiang Xiaoning’s lips.

That was not the kiss from Jiang Xiaoning’s memory, nor was it the kiss from his fantasy.

Han Jia had once kissed him. At that time, Jiang Xiaoning was irritated and ran over to Jin Ting to refuse his invitation straight to his face, but Han Jia threw him to the ground, fed him drugs, and kissed him teasingly.

That very kiss had appeared countless times in Jiang Xiaoning’s dreams, so much so that not only could he remember every single detail but had even refined and enriched many of those details.

He remembered how Han Jia’s tongue had reached into his mouth, soft and warm, as it swept past his teeth to lick the inside of his mouth and entangled with his tongue. He remembered how his entire body felt feverish, as if he was in a dream, how his heartbeat had quickened, and the incomparable excitement that emerged.

But at this very moment, Han Jia’s kiss was completely different. He closed his eyes and moved forward, gently attaching his lips to Jiang Xiaoning’s, without even a hint of unkind behavior.

Han Jia should kiss no one like this. This was not the kiss of a pimp or that of an experienced person; this wasn’t even a genuine kiss… Jiang Xiaoning was a little disappointed. He didn’t know why Han Jia was being so halfhearted with him. He waited for a few seconds, yet still Han Jia didn’t make any other movement. Jiang Xiaoning could only feel that the lips pressed to his were slightly cool but very soft. Han Jia’s eyelashes were dense and long, and he didn’t know if it was because of restlessness or excitement, but they were slightly fluttering before Jiang Xiaoning – unexpectedly, they seemed sincere like that.

All of a sudden, Jiang Xiaoning’s heart was eclipsed with a rush of heat. He leaned forward, wanting to deepen the kiss, but Han Jia backed away and gripped his hands while looking at him with slightly lowered eyes, undulating chest, and lips that were still trembling faintly.

As Jiang Xiaoning struggled once more and tried to get close to him, Han Jia whispered: “Xiaoning…”, looked at him and suddenly gave a little smile.

That smile held an ambiguous hint of flirtation, and for a split second, the air seemed to have been laced with an enthralling heat that completely confused and poisoned his mind. All Jiang Xiaoning could feel was that his heart was about to jump out of his chest.

Han Jia looked at him with such a smile for two seconds, then lowered his head and this time firmly kissed him.

He first nibbled on Jiang Xiaoning’s lips, which made him gasp until his mouth opened and gave way for Han Jia’s tongue to stretch in – it was hot and wet, and the touch brought a longing and thirsty moan from Jiang Xiaoning; his lips and tongue then also enthusiastically became entangled with Han Jia’s.

Han Jia seemed to tease him as he continuously hooked onto the tip of his tongue and sucked on it, his breathing hot, extremely hot. Jiang Xiaoning moved closer. Han Jia moved back his upper body, leaving the kiss, and when their lips and tongues parted… pop, a resounding and clammy sound came out.

Still shuddering with pleasure, Jiang Xiaoning vigorously chased after his lips. Han Jia let out a light laugh and kissed him again, teasing him until his breathing became unsteady before he then pulled away once more, separating from him.

Over and over again, Jiang Xiaoning was teased until he was practically going crazy. Finally, he spoke with a hoarse and suppressed tone: “Han Jia, don’t play with me…”

The light illuminated Han Jia’s seemingly watery eyes that were filled with a myriad of tenderness, however, his restraint on him was firm, merciless – nonetheless. Jiang Xiaoning let out a broken moan, feeling Han Jia’s body heat and enticing smell lingering around him, tempting him until the fire in his body burned more and more vigorously while the heat rushed endlessly in his veins. When Han Jia attempted to end the kiss again, Jiang Xiaoning resolutely struggled with both his arms and unexpectedly broke free of Han Jia’s hold.

Jiang Xiaoning’s explosive force was clearly beyond Han Jia’s expectation. His eyes widened in surprise, momentarily losing his focus, and when he leaned back to pull away — because both his lips and tongue were still tangled with Jiang Xiaoning’s — he could only let out a stuffy moan. 

Jiang Xiaoning had long held his waist with one hand and guarded the back of his head with the other before conveniently pressing him firmly on the carpet.

His back was in a bit of pain from the sudden drop, making Han Jia let out a muffled groan. However, this time it was Jiang Xiaoning’s turn to pay no heed, and as if in revenge for the teasing that he had just suffered, his kiss was rough and despotic though faint with eagerness.

But having been impatient for Han Jia for far too long, it was impossible for Jiang Xiaoning to control his gentleness. He bit Han Jia’s lips and thrust his tongue into his mouth, causing Han Jia to intermittently let out nasally sounds because of his disorderly behavior, yet even then, he no longer resisted him and agreeably lied on the carpet, allowing Jiang Xiaoning to kiss him as he pleased while roughly tearing apart his clothes.

Both of Jiang Xiaoning’s hands ripped open Han Jia’s clothes, simultaneously caressing his naked skin until he touched upon his belt. The kisses and bites ended when he straightened up and concentrated on Han Jia’s belt buckle. He pulled Han Jia’s pants and underwear down to his ankles and then took them off completely.

Right after that, he knelt beside his legs and began to take off his own clothes while gasping heavily. His eyes never once blinked as they remained on Han Jia’s body.

Han Jia lied flat under the light, panting as he looked at him. His limbs were relaxed and spread out; his entire body was a genuinely jadelike-frame – beautiful, ice-white. A smile sat at the corners of his lips, and because of the fierce kiss just now, his lips were bright red and moist with who knew which of the two’s saliva on the side.

He normally looked very slim in his clothes, but lying there naked like this, the suppleness and sturdiness that blended harmoniously was quite apparent. His thin muscles, the smooth and beautiful lines, long and straight legs, and his fair skin looked like fine jade under the light.

Jiang Xiaoning took off his shirt. His pants, however, only fell to his thighs because of his impatience to press down on Han Jia.

Han Jia started to laugh and reached out his hands to accept him before he held him in his embrace and turned over. By the time Jiang Xiaoning could sense the coldness on his back, he was already pressed beneath Han Jia instead.

He grasped Han Jia’s shoulders, exerting some strength in his hands intending to turn over to regain the initiative of being above, but Han Jia looked down at him with an expression that seemed to contain boundless affection for him – Jiang Xiaoning could not shift his gaze, not even the slightest.

His appearance must be of someone who was utterly infatuated because Han Jia’s eyes suddenly brightened up with amazement.

“Xiaoning…” Han Jia murmured, sliding his hand from his chest, then gently and firmly roaming his abdomen, then finally grabbing his member.

Jiang Xiaoning took in a sharp breath as a shuddering gust of excitement set off from his crotch, and as if a fiery spark had been sent to all the bones of his limbs, he let out a low moan and closed his eyes.

The night breeze blew in from the balcony door, bringing a slight chill, and even though the carpet was spread out, the hardness of the floor beneath could still be felt. But Jiang Xiaoning had long left all the care elsewhere; his world only had the warmness and dexterous hands of his beloved, and his own rising desires.

When he felt that he had enjoyed the pinnacle of happiness, in the next moment, the warm and moist touch made him reach another peak. Han Jia at some point had knelt between his legs, sucking on that hard iron-like member.

Jiang Xiaoning gasped rapidly and irregularly, using his elbow to prop up his upper body and look over. Han Jia held his member with one hand, licking and teasing from the tip all the way to the base; his slightly lowered eyes stared at the thing with a tender and serious expression, as if licking the member completely wet from the tip to the base was the most important thing in the world.

This scene struck Jiang Xiaoning’s heart all at once, and he felt that the sound of it beating loudly beneath his ribs filled the entire room. At the same time that his member was attacked and bounced slightly, Jiang Xiaoning was ridden with a burst of pleasure along with an aching pain.

It was only when Jiang Xiaoning’s member was thoroughly moistened – displaying its color and luster beneath the light of the living room – that Han Jia finally seemed satisfied. With his fingers around the base, he stretched his tongue toward the tip and twirled around it before slowly taking it into his mouth and then raising his head just the slightest to glance at Jiang Xiaoning.

That glance made Jiang Xiaoning extremely excited. He propped his upper body with one hand and reached over to touch Han Jia’s cheek with the other.

Han Jia obediently allowed him to caress him, taking in and out the desire between his legs while raising his eyes to look at Jiang Xiaoning.

His eyes were covered with a layer of mist from the breathlessness, but even then, a smile was still there, as if surrendering to the need to please him but also as if to tease him, to provoke him.

Jiang Xiaoning almost lost his mind. His fingers left Han Jia’s cheek and went to tightly clutch his black hair as he bent his legs and started to move his waist, invading Han Jia’s mouth from the bottom up. Han Jia unexpectedly let out a sound similar to a whimper.

After he had done that for a while to him, he finally reached out to hold his thighs. Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t endure it for even a moment as the pleasure that accumulated made him impatient; he breathed erratically and continued to struggle.

With a smile that was not a smile, Han Jia glanced at Jiang Xiaoning and braced down his thighs without letting go, then he slowly lowered his head, taking Jiang Xiaoning deeper.

The warmth from the depth and tightness of the throat brought waves of pleasure to every single part of Jiang Xiaoning’s body. Jiang Xiaoning felt that even the tip of the hair on his head had gone numb, and his head was a completely blank space. He had already reached the limit. He arched his back a few more times, stretched out his body like a tight bow, and shot in Han Jia’s throat.

The feeling was just too good. Jiang Xiaoning panted heavily and waited for the afterglow to pass. He lowered his head to look at Han Jia, who had already swallowed; there were still some sticky remains at the side of his lips. Han Jia reached his hand out to wipe his own lips, looked down again, stuck out the tip of his tongue, and licked clean the fluid on the back of his hand a bit at a time. Then he leaned down, seemingly wanting to also clean Jiang Xiaoning’s member.

Jiang Xiaoning grabbed his shoulders and dragged him into his arms. He held him tightly as he turned over, pressed him down, and then kissed him.

This time he wasn’t rough, and was very patient, exploring Han Jia’s mouth little by little. Han Jia moaned softly from time to time, giving and taking to his needs.

They finally ended this kiss after a long time and hugged each other with neither of them saying anything. Even though the night breeze was slightly cool, it was gentle. Jiang Xiaoning’s hands slowly caressed Han Jia’s body, feeling an unprecedented ease like never before.

After being like that for a while, he slowly but surely was hard again; his member became swollen and hotly stuck between Han Jia’s legs. Han Jia raised his eyes to look at him, laughed lightly, then kissed his lips resoundingly before he spoke with a hoarse tone of voice: “Wait for me.” He pushed him away and got up to leave.

Jiang Xiaoning quickly got up from the carpet, rushed over to hug him, and asked: “Where are you going?”

Han Jia smiled and hugged him back, seemingly in an excellent mood. He kissed him again and said, “I don’t have lubricant here. Wait for me to get a substitute.”

Jiang Xiaoning blinked and laughed: “I know you don’t have any here. I brought some.”

He let go of Han Jia and ran with speed to the balcony, pulling out a small bottle from his back and then running back with enthusiasm. But as soon as he ran into the living room, Han Jia pounced on him and they fell on the sofa.

Han Jia pressed down on him and gently patted his face; there was laughter and anger as he spoke: “Alright ah, Jiang Xiaoning, you actually came prepared today. I’ve been really careless.”

Jiang Xiaoning hugged Han Jia, saying anything when riddled with happiness: “No, it’s not that. I didn’t buy it today. I’ve prepared for this a long time ago.”

That explanation seemed to have made Han Jia even more dumbfounded, unable to know whether he should laugh or cry. He looked at Jiang Xiaoning for a long time, then slowly sighed and cursed in a low voice: “Little pervert.”

Little pervert” was said with a deep and hoarse tone. That sort of gentle and helpless feeling was as if Jiang Xiaoning was being treated like a child, incomparably indulging in him, but then it was also like treating him as a real man and willing to be conquered by him.

Jiang Xiaoning felt hot all over when he heard that word. His left hand was still holding the lubricant and hadn’t opened it yet when he held onto Han Jia. His right hand had already reached out to touch both of their members and held them together as he also spoke in a deep tone: “I’m not a little pervert… I’m a ‘big’ pervert…”

Han Jia gasped in low and short breaths when his hand had initially touched him, but after listening to Jiang Xiaoning’s words, he was taken aback. He stared at Jiang Xiaoning in the eyes and blinked, then slowly started to bend as if he had never expected Jiang Xiaoning to say such teasing words; those gasps of his soon changed to uncontrollable low laughs.

“What are you laughing at?” Jiang Xiaoning was confused and pressed their members together as if comparing them. “Look, am I not big?”

Han Jia laughed so hard that he couldn’t support himself. He lied right on Jiang Xiaoning, buried his head on the side of his neck, and tried his best to suppress the sound, but his body was still trembling – apparently enduring laughter was a very hard task.

Jiang Xiaoning felt that he should perhaps be angry. He obviously-absolutely-without-a-doubt-must be-undeniably big. Thus, Han Jia behaving in such a manner was quite disruptive to the mood… however, he couldn’t be bothered with any of that——his attention had all been geared elsewhere almost too immediately: Han Jia’s entire body was in his arms, and because his body was trembling with laughter, his skin was constantly rubbing against him, and the touch was soft and warm.

Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t control his panting, not even the slightest bit. He let go of their members and touched Han Jia’s smooth waist all the way to his back. There were a few scars there. The slightly rough touches made his palms ache, and even his heart also ached. When his hand slipped to Han Jia’s butt, the aching completely turned into a powerful impulse.

Han Jia’s upper body was pressed up against Jiang Xiaoning’s, one leg kneeling beside him, and the other still on the floor. This posture made the muscles of his butt tense, so Jiang Xiaoning spread out his five fingers and slowly rubbed it, and with only a few strokes, he was tantalized by the rising curvature and pliable touches to where his blood rushed and his member flicked, hurting from the intense hardness.

Panting heavily, Jiang Xiaoning shifted around his right hand a few more times on Han Jia’s butt, and slowly penetrated the gap between his cheeks. With his left hand having already opened the cap of the lubricant, he aimed it toward the targeted direction, and almost emptied half the bottle in one shot.   

As if startled by the coolness of the lubricant, Han Jia stiffened for a moment and took in a deep breath. Jiang Xiaoning had thrown the bottle away and was now hurriedly rubbing his butt with both of his hands before the middle finger of his right hand entered the right passage up to the first knuckle. Han Jia moved uncomfortably, wanting to get up.

Jiang Xiaoning turned his face and bit his ear lightly as the warmth of his own voice sprayed on the side of Han Jia’s ear, mixed with uncontrollable gasps that even he could hardly hear himself.

“Han Jia, Han Jia… Han Jia…”

Han Jia didn’t move, and his body trembled once more. It differed from that of the tremble of when he endured the laughter. This was a delicate, barely restrained, but totally uncontrollable and sexually suggestive tremble. Jiang Xiaoning only heard Han Jia made a whimpering gasp, and then he bit into his shoulder.

That amount of strength didn’t cause pain, but it was extremely effective in triggering another wave of irresistible desire. As soon as Jiang Xiaoning exerted force, it would be to submerge the full length of his middle finger into Han Jia’s entrance.

Han Jia let out an “en” sound and stretched his right hand back to grab Jiang Xiaoning’s wrist.

“Han Jia, let me, let me…” Jiang Xiaoning was about to be burned by the intolerable fire of desire. He ignored Han Jia’s impediment in his movements and pressed his fingers deep into his tight and dry passage.

Han Jia bit his shoulder again and whispered “idiot” before he loosened his hand and covered it on Jiang Xiaoning’s hand. His five fingers entangled and rubbed against his, and quickly his own hand was soaked with the sticky lubricant.

Jiang Xiaoning was frustrated and eagerly wanted to force the second finger in. Suddenly, he felt pressure on his middle finger – it was Han Jia’s own finger that came in.

This scorching hot stimulus completely ignited Jiang Xiaoning’s desire. He got excited and moved his body, but Han Jia’s left hand held his shoulder instead. Han Jia raised his head and moved closer to kiss him, whispering vaguely between his lips and tongue: “Idiot, do it like this… to lubricate faster… like this… this…”

Han Jia’s finger brought in the lubrication that had already become lukewarm and wrapped it together with his finger before hooking them tightly together as they explored the space, pressing, bending, and stretching. In the passage of high heat and narrow squeeze, it was as if their fingers were embracing in a dance.

When the inner wall felt soft and satiny, Jiang Xiaoning’s second finger entered, and before Han Jia could adapt, the third finger arrived. The sudden increase in pressure made Han Jia let out a stuffy moan. Panting with difficulty, he pressed into Jiang Xiaoning’s shoulder with his left hand and lifted his head and said “idiot” again.

Jiang Xiaoning only saw his bright red lips moving. His eyes were misty, and tiny beads of perspiration had shed on his forehead. He couldn’t help but gasp, and his fingers entered even harder.

Han Jia’s eyes widened slightly as he looked at him as if ridden with annoyance and complaint, but in the end, he sighed a bit inaudibly before the corners of his lips curled up, and there was another charming yet teasing smile. He leaned down and pressed his face to the side of his neck, and at the same time, his finger accompanied Jiang Xiaoning’s as they drew deeper and harder in the passage – in and out. The subtle sound of greasy, sticky water resounded, and listening to it from the side of Jiang Xiaoning’s ear was like an urgently emotional melody.

“Han Jia, Han Jia…” He got up anxiously, softly chanting Han Jia’s name repeatedly while struggling to sit up. He wanted to hug him and enter him more intimately.

There seemed to be an inaudible sound again in his ears, like that of a smile and a sigh. Jiang Xiaoning had no time to care and still moved Han Jia to get up. Han Jia bit him on his shoulder once more, already withdrawing his fingers. Jiang Xiaoning’s fingers were still moving in and out, but Han Jia grabbed his wrist.  

“Take them out…” Han Jia’s lips were lingering close to his ears and his breath was hot. “Otherwise, how can something else… go in…”

Jiang Xiaoning wanted to understand what he meant. He was so excited that he got carried away, pulled out his fingers, and sat up with his elbow behind him. Han Jia pressed down hard on Jiang Xiaoning’s shoulders with one hand and held his member with the other. His hip moved forward a bit, actually wanting to slowly sit up.

Jiang Xiaoning kept calling his name in a low voice. With lubrication in both of his hands, he gently stroked Han Jia’s body and kept rubbing.

Han Jia lowered his head, his long eyelashes faintly trembled, and the layer of mist in his eyes seemed to roam. Not only was there a light blush on his cheeks, but even his body seemed to be dyed a rosy pink. The place where Jiang Xiaoning touched still had remnants of lubricant, and under the warm light of the living room, it shimmered with lewdness.

As if enchanted, Jiang Xiaoning stared fixedly at Han Jia, stared at him slowly moving down, and stared at the corner of his lips that held a smile. His mind was blank for a moment, and a voice seemed to scream. He wanted to push Han Jia to the floor, love him dearly, hurt him; hold him in the palm of his hands, tear him to pieces; make him laugh, make him cry…

The tip of his member had already touched upon the soft entrance; the softness and heat there was exceptional as it slightly stretched and shrunk, bringing Jiang Xiaoning a burst of violent stimulation.

His eyes saw red as he struggled to get up to take the initiative. Han Jia could barely hold him back.

“Xiaoning, slowly, take it easy…” Han Jia breathed in quick breaths and slowly sank his body; a layer of fine sweat was already coming out of his body.

Jiang Xiaoning heard what he said, but he couldn’t slow down at all. The feeling of his member being wrapped up little by little by the burning hot inner wall of the passage had completely dispelled his reason. He was too young and had longed for Han Jia for far too long. Han Jia had teased him and provoked him excessively, and now there was nothing to slow him down. He stuck close to Han Jia’s waist, pushed down his hips hard while whispering in confusion, “Han Jia, I love you, I love you…”

When those words of love came out, Han Jia’s expression changed, and both his eyes seemed to be filled with boundless smoke – a gentle and sincere and intoxicating color. His passage seemed to be stimulated, and the repeated squirming and tightening made Jiang Xiaoning gasp harder, sparing no effort to thrust upward vigorously.

Han Jia moaned a few times, excited by his movements as his teeth bit into his lower lip, but still, he gasped and started to laugh.

“Xiaoning, little pervert…” His voice was gentle and teasing, and the movement of when he sank his body was slow and firm; accompanied by a seductive low moan, he almost swallowed Jiang Xiaoning’s member straight down to the very base. Then, as he pressed into Jiang Xiaoning’s right shoulder with his left hand and held his own member with his right hand, Han Jia slowly moved his waist.

Jiang Xiaoning moaned. The robust sense of pleasure made him raise his neck as all the muscles of his body tensed. He could clearly feel Han Jia’s fiery passage tightly wrapping around his member, and between it going in and out, it was almost greedily squirming, wringing, burning, and moisturizing as if life depended on it.

The blood in his entire body seemed to flow even faster; a roaring noise sounded within Jiang Xiaoning’s ears, and only Han Jia’s swaying waistline remained in his field of vision, along with the flickering lights.

It was too slow, too torturous. That was the only thought in his mind. He gripped Han Jia’s waist tightly with both hands and couldn’t even think about whether he would leave a bruise. Jiang Xiaoning shook his waist and with the bounciness of the sofa and Han Jia’s cooperating twist and sways, he once more roughly pounded into the depth of that hot and tight spot.

“En… Xiao, Xiaoning…” Han Jia’s moans became broken and vague under his impact, but that was not enough – Jiang Xiaoning had gone wild with desire. He unexpectedly broke free of Han Jia’s left hand and straightened up, wanting to hold Han Jia in his arms.

One of Han Jia’s legs was still on the floor, but he could not support it; the weight of his entire body was actually on the leg that was kneeling on Jiang Xiaoning’s side. When Jiang Xiaoning got up and entered him like that, his body couldn’t help but shake, causing him to nearly fall to the floor.

Jiang Xiaoning grabbed his waist and brought him into his arms. Because of this action, the member went deeper, and the two gasped heavily at the same time.

Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t stop for too long; both his hands slid to Han Jia’s butt, and tightly gripped at his smooth passage, and moved frantically. He was burning hot from head to toe as sweat dripped from his forehead.

Han Jia didn’t seem to mind his slightly rough invasion and conformed to his penetration, moving his waist up and down. His right hand was still on the condom, playing with his own member while his left hand had already held Jiang Xiaoning’s shoulder; with his soaked black hair and Jiang Xiaoning clinging so close to him, he moaned intermittently. Jiang Xiaoning’s name sounded from time to time as he moaned.

Jiang Xiaoning was extremely excited. The long-awaited body and the long-awaited heart were now all within his embrace. Under his control, this was simply the most enjoyable thing in the world.

Han Jia’s skills in love affairs made him feel an indistinct pain, but his body gained supreme sweetness because of that. The contradiction between the spirit and the flesh made Jiang Xiaoning even more passionate, and the thrusting was almost fierce.

Han Jia’s passage kept convulsing because of his fierceness, but Jiang Xiaoning felt that he should also enjoy it, since Han Jia’s gasps and moans were all pleasant, without the slightest pain.

His reaction made Jiang Xiaoning infatuated and embittered. He opened his mouth and licked Han Jia’s collarbone. With a glance, he saw an inch above the collarbone, a tooth mark left by an unknown man. Jiang Xiaoning only felt that a vicious current was gushing out of his heart, making his desire even more clear. He thrust into Han Jia frantically and opened his mouth to bite hard on the wound.

“Ah…” Han Jia groaned in pain. His lips softly kissed Jiang Xiaoning’s ear and gasped softly: “Xiaoning, Xiaoning…”

His voice seemed to be filled with affection, an incomparable affection. Jiang Xiaoning had long been controlled by his own desire; he turned a deaf ear and thrust in and out of Han Jia, sinking his teeth deeper.

“Xiaoning, Xiaoning, Xiaoning…” Han Jia’s voice became louder and louder, sounding satisfied, but there was also a faint sense of being wronged and weakness. His voice slowly became high-pitched and penetrating, then suddenly he paused and clenched down his jaw before a low drawn-out moan followed – he had reached his climax.

The spasm of the orgasm made his passage tremble and tighten, squeezing the member wrapped inside; Jiang Xiaoning was pushed to the limit and thrust deeply. He moaned contentedly and released inside of Han Jia.

The two hugged tightly, allowing their sweaty skin to cling to each other as they gasped chaotically, unable to distinguish who it belonged to. After a long while, Jiang Xiaoning loosened his teeth and kissed the wound that no longer showed the original mark. Then, he whispered: “Han Jia, I’m so happy…”

“En”, Han Jia sounded in response as the fingers of his left hand gently fiddled with the ends of Jiang Xiaoning’s hair. He whispered: “Me too.”

Jiang Xiaoning hugged him tightly, and his voice was stuffy as he spoke: “Han Jia, I love you.”

Han Jia didn’t speak for a long while, but then he lowered his head and kissed his shoulder; his voice dropped as if he wanted to embed himself in Jiang Xiaoning’s skin. “Me too.”

Jiang Xiaoning became elated and screamed out in surprise: “Han Jia?!” However, his member became hard once more.

Han Jia couldn’t help laughing and cursed quietly, “little pervert”. He pushed him to the side, wanting to get up.

“Han Jia, Han Jia.” Jiang Xiaoning didn’t want to let go but was pushed away by Han Jia with both hands.

His member was still inside of Han Jia; when Han Jia got up, the passage moved reflexively, seeming to consciously take it in and out. Jiang Xiaoning could feel himself become harder and hotter. When he looked down, he saw his own hard member slowly pulling out from between Han Jia’s legs, soaked with the fluid that he had just ejaculated, flowing meanderingly down Han Jia’s thighs to his own body.

This image of debauchery once more attacked Jiang Xiaoning’s desire. He pounced over to hug Han Jia, who was already completely detached from him, and said urgently: “Han Jia, let’s do it again, okay? Just once more.”

Han Jia also held him lightly and looked down at him slightly: “Don’t you have to attend classes tomorrow?” Before Jiang Xiaoning could speak, he laughed, “You baited me with the math exam ah.”

Jiang Xiaoning only saw the charming smile on his lips. How could he actually care about anything else… and kept rubbing against him: “Just once, Han Jia, just once…”

Han Jia kissed the top of his head and sighed lightly, “Then you can come to the bathroom with me. I’ll use my hands…” After a pause, he added, “My mouth is fine as well.”

Jiang Xiaoning was so tempted by his teasing that he became restless and couldn’t wait to push Han Jia to the bathroom. He tugged Han Jia towards the bathroom and said: “Then make it up to me tomorrow.”

Hearing that, Han Jia went silent for two seconds and then started to laugh: “How can that happen every day? Also, tomorrow… I have something to do.”

Jiang Xiaoning clutched Han Jia’s hand, and asked stiffly, “What is it?”

Han Jia looked at his alert appearance and smiled: “Jin Ting’s matter.”

Jiang Xiaoning bit his lip and looked up at Han Jia; there was absolutely no flaw in Han Jia’s smile.

“I know, then tomorrow…” He hugged Han Jia and swayed, “Can you come early tomorrow, I’ll wait to have dinner with you?”

“I’m afraid not.” Han Jia replied briefly, then softly apologized, “Xiaoning, I’m sorry.”

Jiang Xiaoning wanted to get angry, but his member was still stubbornly tilted against Han Jia’s thigh. He honestly didn’t know how he could get angry like this.

“I know.” He said bitterly at last, then hugged Han Jia and bit his ear. “Then you can’t use your hands or your mouth. I want to do it again.”

Han Jia said nothing. He reached out and gently caressed Jiang Xiaoning’s black hair. When Jiang Xiaoning lifted his eyes, he only felt that Han Jia’s eyes contained a thousand meanings, all kinds of sentiments, like inexplicable riddles – he couldn’t bear any of them.

Sae: The author has placed this novel on hiatus for the time being. I will get in contact with her to see if she has plans on finishing it. I hope that she does! 

Thanks to everyone who follows this novel and has been patient with me; I know that I didn’t update it often, but some of you are still with me even now. For that, I am very appreciative of you ❤ Thank you once again!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Your translation is fantastic. I have been checking regularly and I hope the author finishes the story.


  2. It always worth the wait. Both caracters have many layers, just as their love for each other. Thank you very much for your amazing work! 🌸


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