Idiot – Chapter 13

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In less than two days, Li Yu really transferred the money to him, as if the money was too hot to handle if it was left in his own account. That had left Jian Suiying feeling a little defeated as he actively wanted to please him, and yet that person didn’t even care.  

However, soon after, he didn’t have the capacity to think about Li Yu anymore. Some problems suddenly arose on the project under his nose which caused him grief. 

While he was thinking of solutions with his eyes closed, his mobile phone suddenly rang. 

He answered the call when he saw the number was from home, and the voice from the other side after the phone connected was Jian Suilin. 

By now, he had come to realize that this little guy had gotten smarter. Out of ten times, Jian Suiying would hang up his calls seven to eight times, while whether he answered after that would only be dependent on his mood. Based on that, Jian Suilin would pretty much use the home landline to call if he was looking for him now.

It wasn’t that he wanted to act immature. The point was, he didn’t know when Jian Suilin had change from someone who actively avoided him every day to someone who now clung onto him every day. The change seemed to have slowly started in junior middle school and had given him many headaches. 

But using the family’s phone to give him a call was hard to guard against. 

“Ge, it’s me.”

“En, talk.” Jian Suiying’s tone was extremely bad since he had just finished throwing exploding at the problems. 

“Is Li Yu also working with you?”


“He started already?”


There was a moment of silence from the other side, “Ge, I will also go there tomorrow…”

“No.” Jian Suiying then added, “Allowing you to come was already annoying for me. You should behave and listen to dad, go on a break for two weeks and just let me be at peace for that time.”

“Ge, I won’t bring you additional trouble.”

“No,” he said impatiently.

“Li Yu is also only a high school graduate. What he can do, I can also do. Ge, let me…”

Jian Suiying directly hung up the call. 

Normally, when Jian Suiying hung up the phone, it meant there would be no more room for negotiation. If Jian Suilin had kept asking for it, then he would end up getting disciplined. 

As expected, the phone didn’t ring again. His current mood was extremely foul, and if Jian Suilin had the guts to call again, then he was asking to be belted. 

Last year, Jian Suiying bought a piece of land in Qin Huang island. He planned to develop the land into a holiday resort, and during the council development approval process, he had spent quite some money, hoping to use as much of the land as possible. In the end, when everything fell into place at the last stage, the person[1] who he had paid to handle the documentation and everything else, went to jail. He wasn’t worried that it would implicate himself because this issue would not have left him any adverse evidence in the first place and secondly, even if he was investigated, that couple of hundred thousand compared to what the person went to jail for was insignificant. Therefore, he wouldn’t be an unlucky one no matter what. More importantly, he was required to examine all of the documents that had gone through that person’s hand again. Jian Suiying was in great annoyance with such delay since investment funds, the engineer team, and project plans were all in place, he was merely waiting for the development application approval to begin construction. Having this problem surfacing at this critical time, it caused significant delays, and not to mention, all the money went down the drain.

Today, Jian Suiying lost his temper tantrum in the office. Now, the atmosphere around the company was extremely gloomy, practically no one else dared to speak to him aside from Li Yu.  

During these couple of days, all he did was contact people and tried to find ways to pull some strings, hoping the commissioner would ease up and not put a halt on approving the project. However, these people heard from an unauthoritative source that the person got some significant figure involved, no one dared to vouch that it could be done.  

Without any other choice, he called his dad to discuss the issue. His dad thought about it for a long while and told him, “How about you go and ask your grandpa.”  

Ever since his grandpa retired, he stayed at Qin Huang island while farming and raising chickens, living the life in a fictitious land of peace. Initially, Jian Suiying didn’t want to bother his elderly, mainly because he wanted his grandpa to beg for a favor to resolve the problem for himself. Besides, the old man was too stubborn, and he might not agree. Further, even if he did agree, there would be a string of lectures to follow, and that alone frightened him just by thinking about it.  

After a series of contemplations, Jian Suiying decided to go to Qin Huang island to try to schedule a dinner meeting with the person in charge of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. If the matter was still not resolved by the end of the month, he would just have to go and beg his grandpa. 

After he made up the decision, he called his friend to assist him to schedule a meeting with that person. 

It wasn’t until close to noon that that friend finally responded with good news, advising he was able to schedule a meeting and that the person had time to have dinner tonight. 

As soon as Jian Suiying realized there might be an opportunity, he was immediately stimulated and quickly called Li Yu. “Li Yu, go get the car ready right away and go to Qin Huang island with me.”


In the last couple of days, Jian Suiying hardly slept because of the issue. Therefore, he lied down on the last row of the company car and took a nap. In the end, perhaps because the air conditioner was turned on too high, he was awakened from the coldness, with a sneeze. 

“You have a cold?” Li Yu looked at him with knitted eyebrows. 

“Fuck, I got a cold… I still have dinner plans with someone tonight, who would want to be seated next to a person carrying a Biochemical Weapon. Xiao Zhao, you motherfucker. Why did you turn the air conditioner on so high, do you not understand low carbon dioxide!” The more Jian Sui Ying thought about the frequency of problems that are creeping up, the more he got angry. In turn, he took it out on the driver. 

Pity for the young and little driver, he did not dare to speak. Now he understood why the other two old drivers would not drive and made him go. 

“We will drop by a petrol station to get some medicine for you to take, you should be able to pull through.” Li Yu handed him a pack of tissue again then opened both sides of the windows. 

“It’s fine, I’ll be better after a nap. Did you find the information on that person? Let me have a look.” Jian Suiying blew his nose as he mumbled. 

Li Yu passed the notebook that was on his lap to Jian Suiying. With a pair of slightly bloodshot eyes, Jian Suiying read the information on the person he was going to meet. 

Normally, it was always possible to find at least two people from the closely knitted relationship web that was in connection with the person by knowing where this person came from and where he worked. As long as it could be connected, then the issue can be resolved by half already. 

Many people could not succeed because they didn’t know where to give out the money, not because they lacked money. 

Looking at his exhausted expression, Li Yu felt somewhat surprised. 

Ever since he met Jian Suiying, he had always been a bit of a sloppy fiend in a human form, and today was the first time he saw him focused on work. While he didn’t have too much reaction toward external things, it was indeed refreshing. 

“Fuck.” Jian Suiying softly spoke after he finished reading. 

“What’s wrong?” Li Yu asked. 

“This person is from Yunnan, as if I won’t get wasted tonight….” 

He had done a project in Yunnan before, all the evaluation and approval were ready, and the only thing remaining was the construction part, but he didn’t want to work on it and sold it. The biggest part of the reason was because those people from Yunnan could fucking drink. He was afraid he would be paralyzed if he had continued, he was traumatized from drinking. 

“Don’t you like drinking?” Li Yu ridiculed.

“Drinking is used to add to the fun, having a few sips during dinner makes the conversation more fun, but drinking too much is living hell.” Jian Suiying leaned on the back seat in exhaustion, resting his eyes to conserve energy before he asked, “Is the hotel booked? Don’t think we will make it back today.” He anticipated he would be on the floor wasted. 

“I’ll book it now then,” Li Yu said. 

“Forget it, don’t book yet. Let’s see where we will be having dinner and we can look for one around the area. 


“Xiao Li’zi, it doesn’t matter whether you can drink or not, you have to at least block some for me. I have to keep my head clear. It will make a big loss if this issue doesn’t get resolved.” Jian Suiying pulled the corners of his lips as he smiled. 

Li Yu did not speak and gave out a light sigh. 

“This is also part of your work. Did you think making money is that easy?” Jian Suiying said. 

Li Yu shook his head, “It’s not easy.” 

“En, that’s good then. When you get a job later on, don’t think that others will acknowledge you just because you have an impressive father. They see that you are young, they treat you nicely on the surface, but they actually look down on you behind your back. The things they say and the way they work is just fucking contradicting. You will understand later on….” 

The sneezing could have caused a dizziness as he muddle-headly gave Li Yu a lesson. In truth, he was talking about his own experiences when he started doing business in his twenties. At that time, he had thought who wouldn’t respect him since he had an impressive background. He believed he was able to make a high profit with small capital for sure. In the end, he suffered many losses and endured much hardship, it was a road of arduous training and hard work. The success he had now was truly piled from all the hard work and sweat.  

At first, Li Yu listened absent-mindedly then he slowly turned his body around and saw Jian Suiying with his eyes closed and speaking softly at the back seat – the expressions in his eyes slowly began to focus on him. 



[1] Though, it is unclear to me whether this person works for the council or if this person is just someone handling all the “documentation” for him. But I am assuming this person could be a third party consultant he hired to handle all the documents for the submission of the council DA. And he had paid him a lot for it.

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