SAYE – Chapter 54

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Even though the first and second buildings were parallel, the distance between the two was the shortest.  

Gu Fei couldn’t measure how far it was, but the people who had jumped over them in the past had landed more than one meter within the opposite rooftop.  

The people that Liu Fan called had already scattered to the rooftops of the other buildings; matters such as setting up obstacles were also akin to a battlefield. If there was someone throwing things under his feet, naturally, there was also someone throwing things under Hou Zi’s feet. In this aspect, things were absolutely fair, and nobody would get beaten up for throwing things either. 

For these people, no matter who it was that won or lost, they would be excited. All they wanted to see was nothing more than someone tripping, getting hurt, and at the very best, someone falling off a building.    

The noises beside his ears were very chaotic; there were people laughing, people shouting, and there were even women shrieking. It sounded a bit like how it was at the basketball game, but once he listened carefully, he could only sense darkness. 

These people… Gu Fei scrutinized his surroundings. These people were standing on all sorts of garbage that lied rotting on the rooftops; bags, beer bottles, food crumbs, and even used condoms could be seen here and there.  

This was indeed a brain-dead world.  

The only thing that caused him to do a double-take was the inconspicuous walnut pieces on the ground. This kind of garbage wasn’t something unusual on the rooftop, but if Jiang Cheng had never struck his shoes with one before, he would have never noticed these small broken pieces at his feet.  

These broken pieces were done by Jiang Cheng.  

What is this xueba trying to do? 

Even though he wasn’t concerned that Jiang Cheng would do something that took it too far, he still cared a little. 

Because no matter what Jiang Cheng wanted to do, it was all because of him.  

This retarded jumping building game also required a referee which was the so-called mediator. This person was someone that Gu Fei recognized and was considered a big boss before his retirement. Everyone called him Hu-ge,1and with him calling out the start of this whole thing, it would appear relatively impartial.  

Although he had already retired, Hu-ge wasn’t that old in age – he wasn’t even 30. Gu Fei had even played basketball with him when he was in the reformatory school, and at that time, he had already washed his hands clean of the matters within the “Jianghu”. Yet, with the attitude of an experienced person, he had told him something along the lines of “repent and be saved”. 

Was this now considered, “repent and be saved”? 

He had never thought of wading into the waters, yet he had to carry the words “repent and be saved” on his back. It was rather funny now that he thought about it. 

Gu Fei looked at the “roadblock” ahead. He didn’t calculate which steps should be taken with a wide stride, which steps should be avoided, and what must be done in order to get rid of something – he didn’t want to think about too many things. 

All he had to do was run, jump, and land.  

Getting injured meant the end, but no injuries meant continuing.  

He needed to make sure that if any injuries were to be sustained, it must be as late as possible. If an injury was received on the first landing, the insatiable audience might demand for him to continue with the injury. 

Moreover, he had already chosen the location and method of how he would get injured. 


Hu-ge raised his hand, and boisterous screams and whistles sounded on the rooftops, echoing out in all directions.

His arm then flew down right after.  

Gu Fei didn’t care if Hou Zi had set off yet or how he had set off. He only fixed his gaze on the edge of the roof and charged.  

You said one, two, three, shatter the past…  

Gu Fei’s right foot slammed firmly on the very edge of the roof, and his body was wrapped in the wind as he jumped.

Beneath was the darkness, ahead was the blazing brightness. 

Where there were dancing flames and shadows that intertwined between light and darkness. 

The instant he soared in the air, Gu Fei suddenly felt relaxed. He had the urge to scream out loud at the top of his lungs, and he also wanted to laugh. 

The corners of his lips pulled back.  


The spot he wanted to land on had already been determined in advance. This strong jump aided him in surpassing the case of broken beer bottles that were thrown near the end of the roof.  

This meant that the two beverage bottles could also be avoided.  

The result of stepping on those beverage bottles wouldn’t necessarily make you twist your ankle, however, it would make you lose your balance. If one were to slip under such great momentum, the consequences would be uncontrollable. 

But, at the same time as when he had just started to drop down, a beer bottle suddenly rolled over from the side.

This bottle that was rolling to his landing point made Gu Fei’s heart drop. 

There was no longer any other way nor any time for him to take control of his body. If his foot stepped on the bottle… 

Fuck you.  

Gu Fei closed his eyes. Fuck your mother, come what may ba.


A walnut struck the bottle hard, hitting close to the mouth of the bottle, and practically sped up at exactly the same time that Gu Fei’s feet landed, rolling away right beneath his feet.  

Gu Fei’s posture was very beautiful as he landed – he didn’t stagger and was steady and firm. He stood up quickly after borrowing the momentum to lightly roll on the ground. 

Jiang Cheng let out a very long sigh of relief amid the clamorous noises of whistles and iron rods hitting empty oil barrels, and sat his butt down on the ground. 

“Amazing.” After relaxing for two seconds, he took out two more walnuts. “As everyone can see, taking deep breaths has proven to help ease tension and fear… fuck.” 

Jiang Cheng’s hands shook uncontrollably; the walnut slipped out of his hand twice as he tried to hold it against the rubber band: “It can be seen that this is the first time contestant Jiang Cheng has made shots under such tremendous pressure. His hands are trembling so badly… that he can’t even hold onto his weapon.”

“Actually, even my legs are shaking.” Jiang Cheng bent at the waist and moved his hands and feet toward the side of the small attic. This spot was slightly closer to the second building, and under this kind of light, it would be even more stable if he was a meter closer in distance. He rested his knees on the concrete piers at the edge of the roof, “I really want to pee ah.” 


Gu Fei was not injured, nor was Hou Zi. By comparison, Gu Fei had jumped further and had a much more beautiful landing posture than Hou Zi. 

But this was only the first round.  

Jiang Cheng looked at the situation of the rooftop of the second building through the fork of the slingshot. At the moment, it looked as though they were waiting for the people from the first building to go down, thus everyone was moving about. 

A few minutes later, Jiang Cheng heard the sound of music coming from the other side.  

“Obviously he’s a fool, but full of goodness, always dreaming of pretty ladies throwing themselves in his arms….2   

With just a listen, one could feel a strong sense of the aura of a rural-urban type hair salon. 

“This really is…” Jiang Cheng couldn’t hold back a tsk, “Unbelievable…”3 

These sorts of retarded country bumpkins with their “swag” rendered him utterly speechless. They and the idiots that thought that they were the absolute baddest with two speakers hanging from their motorcycles must have a master-apprentice relationship4.  

Gu Fei said a few words to Li Yan who had come from the first building, lit a cigarette, then stood at the side of the rooftop looking ahead.

Jiang Cheng also took out a cigarette, hunched his back, and pulled his clothes together to block the wind as he speedily lit it and took a drag. 

He then sat down on the side of the rooftop and looked over at Gu Fei. 

From when Gu Fei first jumped to the landing ‘till now, his frantic heartbeat had gradually calmed down already, and he could quietly look at Gu Fei. 

There wasn’t any expression on Gu Fei’s face. He was just there with a cigarette in his mouth as if he was looking at something, but also like he was spacing out.  

Jiang Chang also spaced out with him.  

Gu Fei was not like all the others. He was different from those people who constantly sought the thrill and excitement in their life. From the very first step that he took, Jiang Cheng felt it. 

What Gu Fei wanted wasn’t “I won”, nor was it the screams or the attention – all he wanted was for this all to end.  

The end of his dispute with Hou Zi, and the end of the past that he had dully mentioned the other day. 


No one had noticed the sudden increase in speed the bottle had taken, and neither had anyone taken notice of the walnut that had been shattered to pieces at the side of his feet due to impact with the ground and the bottle. 

It happened way too fast. Even Gu Fei himself had only become aware of the reason he didn’t step on that bottle when his hand touched upon the bits of walnut shells on the ground. 

At that second, he really, really wanted to send a message to Jiang Cheng, to take a look at the building to the side, but he didn’t dare. 

Under such circumstances, his every reaction would be immediately noticed and as long as he looked over there, someone would perhaps go that way. 

He stared at the walnut that had already become like fine powder from having been kicked and stepped on by the people walking up and down – not knowing what to feel. 

He didn’t want to drag Jiang Cheng into these matters, yet Jiang Cheng still appeared using this method of “not getting involved”.

Cheng-ge is everywhere.  

Those words that carried the aura of the infamous “middle school syndrome” practically oozed from the screen and flooded onto one’s face, now made a wave of warmth suddenly wash over his heart when he recalled it. 

The feeling that Jiang Cheng brought him wasn’t just something as simple as “outstanding”; the purity that glimmered like crystals buried underneath his “middle school syndrome” aura that reached the sky and his occasional small tantrums would never fail to slightly move one’s heart every time it flashed by the corner of one’s eye in this chaotic and disorderly life.


“The retards are starting to clear the area.” Jiang Cheng straightened up with one knee still on the ground. Actually, no one on the opposite building would even take notice if he stood up, and his visibility would also improve a bit too. But standing on the edge of the rooftop of a five-story building in the darkness of the night with the wind also blowing… he honestly couldn’t bring himself to do it. He pulled the rubber band back tightly. “It looks like the second round is about to start… shit, I’m going to stop talking. May everyone see for yourselves ba.”

The third building was one story lower than the second building and the distance between them was also quite further… Jiang Cheng could feel his palms perspiring, and couldn’t help but be thankful that his slingshot had top-tier anti-slipping attributes. If it was a substandard product like the one they used during the photoshoot that day, the slingshot would probably fly out of his hands along with the walnuts.  

The retards, a story below, had started throwing things toward the center again. Even a few burning sticks were also thrown into the mix, though doing so had tremendously increased the visibility.  

Jiang Cheng slowed down his breathing and aimed at a wooden stick on the rooftop of the third building. Aside from the bricks and liquor bottles, that piece of wood that lay parallel to Gu Fei’s running path was the most dangerous. If he happened to step on it, the chances of his ankle getting twisted was a hundred percent. It would have been much better if it lay across, that way, even if he stepped on it, his ankle wouldn’t twist to either side. 


Just like before, someone stood in the middle with their hand raised while facing Gu Fei and Hou Zi.  

His hand then swung down right after. 

The two charged out at the same time. Gu Fei flew off the edge of the rooftop with the same posture and the same speed as before. 

Because the distance was wider, Jiang Cheng could even see Gu Fei’s leg take a stride in the air, allowing his body to prolong the acceleration. 

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was really too nervous, Jiang Cheng would have definitely applauded Gu Fei for his explosively cool move – such long legs, such a beautiful stride and jump…  

But it was right then that a commotion appeared on the rooftop of the third building that Jiang Cheng had been constantly keeping an eye on – he never would’ve expected that such a situation would occur! 

Wooden boards, sticks, and several other inexplicable things that were impossible to distinguish had been thrown from both sides into the air above the rooftop.

Fuck! Your! Whole! Family! 

The shock and indignation that rose within Jiang Cheng at that moment simply eclipsed any other in his life – reaching its highest peak. He almost wanted to take out the steel bearing balls and welt them on the heads of anyone on either side, and most fitting was if it pierced all the way through so that those brains that clearly lack oxygen could fucking take in some fresh air!

But he didn’t have time to think anymore. He even wanted to express his gratitude to those hyper-excited fools who had thrown things in advance. If they had started throwing when Gu Fei was landing from the jump, the possibility of him reacting in time would have been impossible. 


Between expelling the obstacles beneath his feet or the ones sailing in the air, Jiang Cheng chose the ones in the air.  

With all sorts of rubbish obstructing his view, he couldn’t clearly discern the situation around Gu Fei’s landing spot. He held his breath – there was no time to think. 

A slingshot wasn’t a gun, and a walnut wasn’t a bullet. He couldn’t let something fly toward Gu Fei before making a move. He had no other option but to make use of the split second he had to pinpoint the object deemed most destructive to Gu Fei.   

The difficulty of this approach was an endeavor he had practically never undertaken. His mind was a chaotic mess that parroted the tumultuous noises of the opposite side.    

Someone in the crowd had picked up a piece of broken brick. Jiang Cheng promptly yanked back the rubber band at the same time that the guy flung it. 

His timing wasn’t that much of a problem, but he could only estimate for the angle.  

The brick deviated just as it closed in on Gu Fei’s face and smacked against a piece of wooden plank that flew over from the side. Consequently, the wooden plank veered off course, only sweeping by Gu Fei’s face before flying elsewhere.  

Gu Fei didn’t even wince during the whole ordeal. In this utterly confusing and disorderly situation, he looked as though he wasn’t aware of anything. Only when the wooden plank swept by his face did Jiang Cheng see him sway a little.  


There were probably nails on the wooden plank.  

Jiang Cheng no longer had any time to clear the obstacles under Gu Fei’s feet. He could only look on helplessly as Gu Fei set foot on the roof of the other building, stumbled sideways in the pile of junk, and rolled to the side. 

Then everything in the air followed suit. 


The fact that nothing heavy smashed into his head, Gu Fei could guess it was all because of Jiang Cheng. 

But he still stepped on something when he landed and felt his left foot suddenly twist outward. 

That’s it then.  

He gritted his teeth and used his right foot that was immediately landing on the ground to kick against the ground, before rolling to the left with the momentum. 

The ground was in complete disarray. He couldn’t feel any pain at all in those brief seconds. There were most likely injuries on his arms and legs, but he was already unable to confidently ascertain where. 

When the rolling finally ceased, he propped his hand on an empty can to the side.   

The feeling of his palm being cut open by the edge of the can was extremely vivid. He loosened some of the pressure on his palm and fell to the other side. 


Liu Fan was the first to rush over and crouched down beside him: “Where are you hurt?!” 

“… my leg.” Gu Fei’s brows tightened as he held his left calf. 

“Is it broken?” Li Yan kicked away the pile of junk beside him and stretched his hand out to touch his calf. 

“Ah!” Gu Fei screamed in pain, “… don’t move it.” 

The crowd of people gathered around then – each and every one of them carried a face full of excitement. 

On the other side, Hou Zi had also fallen pretty hard. Gu Fei could see someone pulling him up from the ground, and that even though Hou Zi’s footing slightly swayed, he was still able to stand. Confirming that, he suddenly let out a sigh of relief and collapsed back down on the ground. 

This is it.   


It’s over.


“You okay?” Hou Zi shook off the people that supported him and slowly walked toward Gu Fei through the path that the crowd paved, then leaned over to look at him. 

Gu Fei didn’t say anything. 

“His leg seems to be broken,” someone called out from the side.  

“Really?” A smile immediately appeared on Hou Zi’s face. He then looked at Gu Fei’s legs. “Is it this one? It’s all twisted?”

Before anyone could speak, he kicked Gu Fei in the leg: “Pretty serious huh?”

Gu Fei shrunk back abruptly and curled into a ball to the side in pain.  

“Let’s end it here ba.” Liu Fan stood up and blocked himself in front of Hou Zi. “If you accept to bet, you must accept to lose.5 This time Da Fei lost.” 

“What a pity ah.” Hou Zi was cradling his arm; even though blood was flowing down his forehead, sheer delight was plastered across his face. “I thought this kid could play with me all the way to the second building.”  

Liu Fan didn’t respond to his provocation but instead looked over at Xu-ge who had just walked over from the other rooftop. 

“Hu-ge, what do you say?” Xu-ge asked Hu-ge who hadn’t said anything the entire time.  

“He really can’t get up?” Someone shouted.  

The indication of those words was evident – as long as Gu Fei could still stand up, this matter would never end. 

Hu-ge walked over to Gu Fei and crouched down beside him and looked at his calf that could clearly be seen to be deformed even through the pants. But for safety measures, he still reached out and gripped the spot of the fracture and pressed down his finger. 

Gu Fei took in a sharp inhale, unable to make a sound.  

Hu-ge stared fixedly at him, not saying a word.  

Gu Fei’s brows twisted as their eyes met.  

A few seconds later, Hu-ge loosened his hand and stood up: “His leg is broken.” 

An uproar of complaints compounded with dissatisfaction resounded all around.  

“This hurdling session today was a method that the both of you had decided out of your own free will, to settle the conflicts once and for all. You must bear the consequences of your actions, and everyone present is a witness to this,” Hu-ge said. “Any grudges between you two have now been settled, is there an issue with that?”

Hu-ge glanced over at Hou Zi, who then looked down at Gu Fei who was still lying on the ground: “There’s no issues.”

“Is there an issue with that?” Hu-ge looked at Gu Fei again.  

“No,” Gu Fei said.  

“Go to the hospital ba.” Hu-ge waved his hand, “After this, you each go your own ways.”


Jiang Cheng leaned against the wall of the small attic, unsure of how badly injured Gu Fei was. He only knew that Gu Fei couldn’t stand, and even at this distance, he could tell that Gu Fei’s hand was soaked in blood.  

He couldn’t clearly make out anything that the people on the opposite side were saying. But it was clear as day to him that his entire body had gone soft; his hands were shaking badly, and his back was covered in cold sweat. The scene of Gu Fei falling heavily on the ground and rolling to the side flashed repeatedly in front of his eyes.

That fall was so heavy and terrible, he could practically feel the pain. 

After Liu Fan put Gu Fei on his back, he didn’t dare to look over there again and lit a stick of cigarette.  

In any case, suffering an injury was inevitable. If it was just a broken leg, that was already an ideal outcome. 

Gu Fei ended some things with this stoical, fearless, and explicitly indifferent way – things that perhaps many people might not even think needed to be rushed to be solved now. 

The moment he flew into the air without scruples and firmly stepped forward, Jiang Cheng felt that he had no desire to think about anything anymore. 

The fear, tension, and worry he endured at that moment was incomparable to anything he had ever felt in his life. He had never been gripped by such a strong feeling of panic in his life before. 


The people on the other side had long dispersed; there were only a few left that were still getting their bikes downstairs, readying to set out. 

Jiang Cheng sat against the wall of the small attic, having already smoked three cigarettes.  

He snubbed out the cigarette butt and started to gather his belongings, intending to wait until everyone was gone before he went down.  

Just then, his phone sounded. He felt like it didn’t take even a second for him to pull out his phone. Damn, the speed of this hand.

Gu Fei had sent him a message.  

– I’m fine. 

This kind of useless comfort made Jiang Cheng simply want to curse.  

– Where are you? 

– In the shop, come over. 

Come, my ass! Jiang Cheng was struck speechless. His legs have already become like that and he didn’t even bother going to the hospital?! He actually went back to the shop?! Or did he just go to the community hospital to get it treated?

Jiang Cheng didn’t respond to Gu Fei’s messages anymore. He picked up his things and leaned over to the edge of the rooftop to glance down – there was no one there. 

But it was precisely this glance that made him suddenly be overcome with a bout of vertigo. Perhaps the sudden relaxation of his nerves that had been pulled tight the entire time and the fear brought by the height of this five-story building had now crashed upon him like a wave – making it feel more intense than usual. 

He became weak in the knees and sat down at the edge of the rooftop, taking a long while before he finally recovered. 

“Shit!” He cursed quietly. He turned around and knelt on the ground, dragging his schoolbag behind him as he slowly crawled toward the stairway that led down. “Fuck, ten thousand alpacas6 flew across buildings in contestant Jiang Cheng’s mind. He must be ecstatic that no one is here to see him cower in fear…”


Before he stepped out of the building, Jiang Cheng surveyed the area once more through the window, and after confirming that there was absolutely nobody around, he finally left.  

There was a significant increase in garbage downstairs, many of which were thrown down from the roofs of the buildings – it looked like a disaster had occurred. An oil barrel had also been kicked to the ground, and the wood inside that hadn’t been burned to ashes still flickered with flame in the middle of the road.

Jiang Cheng walked slowly through the utter mess of things and kicked a few large pieces of wood that was burning into the ditch on the side of the road. 

There were only a few streetlights near where the buildings were situated, and after a turn, only the moonlight accompanied him on the road. 

When he finally walked all the way to the intersection only to see the backseat of his bike – for some inexplicable reason – smashed until it was crooked, he could feel his own legs becoming a little sore. 

Come on. He had just finished a basketball match then had to kneel on a rooftop the entire time… but by comparison, Retard No. 1’s legs were indeed in a more miserable state… he knitted his brows, got on his bike, and hurriedly sped off.   

He was as fast as lightning on the way there, riding his bike as if he was in an F1 race. When he saw the lights from Gu Fei’s shop emerge in his line of sight, he finally gradually slowed down. 


Jiang Cheng shoved the bike to the side of the road, and without even bothering to lock it, he rushed toward the shop. When he lifted the sheet curtain, he had already seen that the retractable door was halfway down, but his movements failed to keep up with his brain, and he slammed into the door with a bang.  

Ai!” Gu Fei’s startled voice sounded from within the shop, “Cheng-ge?” 

“Your grandfather Jiang!” Jiang Cheng yelled as he bent down to get into the shop. The moment he looked up, he saw Gu Fei standing at the doorway of the inner room. 

The left leg of his pants was rolled up to the knee and his calf was wrapped neatly with gauzes and splints. Thick layers of gauze were also present around his hand along with a patch on his face. 

Jiang Cheng gaped at him. It took him a long time to finally react, and when he spoke, it was with an extremely affectionate tone that sounded like he was saying, ‘I really do deeply sympathize with you retards’. “You’re still standing ne~? Why don’t you7 just start dancing right now ah~?”

Gu Fei was stunned for up to ten seconds before he suddenly burst into laughter, leaning against the door frame as he laughed to the point where he was unable to extricate himself. 

“What the fucking hell are you laughing about!” Jiang Cheng pointed at him, consumed with anger, “Believe it or not, I’ll beat the shit out of you if you keep on laughing! You fucking dumbass!” 

“Cheng-ge.” Gu Fei grabbed his hand and held it down, “Cheng-ge, I’m fine.” 

“You’re only fucking fine if something happens to you! Retard No. 1!” Jiang Cheng cursed. 

“I really am fine though.” Gu Fei raised his left leg and knocked it against the doorframe a few times, “I’m not…” 

“The fuck?” Jiang Cheng almost wanted to stretch out his hands to catch his own falling eyeballs. “What’s the meaning of this?”

“I didn’t suffer any serious injuries.” Gu Fei raised his right hand that was wrapped up in gauze, “It’s only my hand and a few scrapes. My leg is perfectly intact.”

Jiang Cheng stared at him, feeling as though he couldn’t return to his senses: “Your leg is fine?” 

“En,” Gu Fei went to pull down the retractable door to the shop and then entered the inner room. “I…” 

“Is it really ‘fine’?” Jiang Cheng saw that he really did seem, unlike somebody who had injured their leg with the way he was walking around. He suddenly felt an indescribable feeling of excitement – just as if he had lost a thousand RMB only to find the money floating in the washing machine.

“Really,” Gu Fei smiled. 

“Fuck, really?” Jiang Cheng went over and hit his leg a couple of times, “Fuck!” 

“Really, really, really, really,” Gu Fei reassured. “Stop worrying.” 

“But I clearly saw your leg…” Jiang Cheng gestured with his hands, “Become like that ah!”

Gu Fei picked up a steel bar that was bent in the center and lying against the wall: “It’s this. This is what I used to prevent twisting my ankle and…” 

“Holy shit.” Jiang Cheng took it for a look, “This little brother, your acting skill is pretty amazing ah.”

“I did think that I’d probably break a bone somewhere, but I didn’t expect to still be okay even after falling and rolling a few times like that,” Gu Fei said. “So, I could only act.” 

“Didn’t someone examine your injury, I clearly saw it?” Jiang Cheng repeatedly examined the steel bar, “He didn’t find that your entire leg was still connected?” 

“He probably noticed it,” Gu Fei leaned back against the headboard, “But didn’t say anything.” 

“… we should present him with a silk banner tomorrow and express our gratitude to the selfless model citizen like Lei Feng.”8

“Thank you,” Gu Fei said. 

“For what?” Jiang Cheng’s gaze fell on him. 

“Thank you for shooting with such accuracy,”9 Gu Fei laughed.  

“… it’s nothing.” Jiang Cheng waved his hand. “I was almost… scared to death.” 

Gu Fei continued to laugh his heart out. Jiang Cheng shot him another look, “Are you going to laugh like a fool again? In any case, we’re people who are about to step into the ranks of adults, so can you…”

Gu Fei laughed even harder as he pressed the wound on his face, and Jiang Cheng was pulled in the laughing fit with him so he couldn’t even finish what he was saying. He sat down on a nearby chair and laughed wildly facing the ground.  

It was like celebrating, yet also venting his anger at the same time… but it was truly because he felt joy and relief from the fact that Gu Fei’s leg wasn’t actually hurt. 


After recovering from their laughter, neither of them spoke, letting the silence sink in.  

Gu Fei leaned against the headboard and let out a quiet sigh of relief.  

Jiang Cheng lowered his head and used his hand to rub at his face. 

“You’re not crying, are you?” Gu Fei turned his head to look at him and sat upright. 

“No.” With his head lowered, Jiang Cheng clasped his hands together and clenched them back and forth. Only after a long time did he finally raised his head back up and took a deep breath. “Gu Fei.”

“En?” Gu Fei sounded in response.  

“Have you ever thought of…” Jiang Cheng said with some difficulty, but he didn’t make a single pause or show a shred of hesitation, “Getting a boyfriend?”


The translators have something to say:

Sae: Ugh. The love is real and it’s about to become even more real (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡ we want that for our boys! “HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF GETTING A BOYFRIEND?” YEESSSSS, with you, you silly. HUHUHUHU 

Ice: Ugh. There’s nothing else to say. The amount of care they have for each other oozing from the screen speaks for itself. QAQ 



1 虎 (hu) – tiger

2 Song: 女人不是妖 by 司徒兰芳

Women aren’t Demons by Ziyu Lanfang  

3 Unbelievable (一言难尽) Idiom meaning hard to explain, it’ll take too long to tell, or too complicated to express succinctly, etc.

4 master-apprentice: 师出同门 – learning from the same person

5 If you accept to bet, you must accept to lose (愿赌服输) Idiom, lit. translation but it could be, “a gambler must be willing to accept loses if he willingly makes a bet.”

6 Ten thousand alpacas (一万头草泥马): Near-homophone of the profanity phrase 肏你妈 (cào nǐ, “fuck your mother”) in Mandarin, literally “grass mud horse”. Coined circa 2009, when Internet users in Mainland China used 草泥马 instead of 肏你妈 (càonǐ) to circumvent censorship. Pictures of alpacas are often used by later hoaxes to depict 草泥馬 as if it were a real horse-like animal. 

When the word for “censorship” itself became censored, people started using 和谐, meaning “harmonize”, kind of as a joke on the idea of the government, and when that word too got censored, people started using 河蟹 héxiè, meaning “river crab” but sounds like the word for 和谐 héxié  “harmonize”. Whenever some word gets blocked, we netizens just invent new words.

Knowing this, the sentence can translate to “ten thousand fucks flew across the buildings in Jiang Cheng’s mind…” 

7 You, you’re (您) Jiang Cheng is using formal speech here lol

8 Lei Feng (December 18, 1940 – August 15, 1962) was a soldier of the People’s Liberation Army in the People’s Republic of China. After his death, Lei was characterised as a selfless and modest person who was devoted to the Communist Party, Chairman Mao Zedong, and the people of China. In the posthumous “Learn from Comrade Lei Feng” campaign, initiated by Mao in 1963, Lei became the symbol of nationwide propaganda; the youth of the country were encouraged to follow his example.

9 With accuracy (百发百中) idiom – lit. one hundred shots, one hundred hits / to carry out a task with great precision / to shoot with unfailing accuracy / be a crack shot

Silk banner

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    Thank you~~ it’s kind of a pity that we won’t be able to watch the retards anymore, but well… it’s time for sweetness now (✧∇✧) (≧∀≦)

    Liked by 2 people

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    Hu-ge, bless you!!!

    Lastly, JC, only you can drop a line that can make my heart, my already felled heart, sink into the abyss. OMFG dude! OMFG!!!!!


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    Ahhh, these two and their shared laughes are so heart-warming. Of course they must Kiss now and make it official!

    Thanks for the chapter!




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