SAYE – Chapter 55

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Gu Fei gaped at Jiang Cheng. At that moment, expressing anything aside from shock and speechlessness was difficult enough, let alone give an answer.     

How many times has it been? Jiang Cheng had so suddenly left him without the slightest room to think.  

He had called Jiang Cheng over only for the sake of easing his worried mind. Right after Liu Fan, Li Yan, and the others had finished wrapping up his leg with fake splints and gone their ways, he had immediately sent Jiang Cheng a message. He didn’t know how Jiang Cheng was doing, but he knew with certainty that Jiang Cheng would be overwhelmed with anxiety after having seen him fall on the rooftop. He had just wanted Jiang Cheng to come over and see for himself that he was indeed alright so he could rest assured. 

But never would he have imagined that Jiang Cheng would suddenly toss out such a question. 

In a split second1, his mind had spun up to 13,000 times, and the number of thoughts that flashed by could fill an entire stadium. 


He couldn’t confirm whether or not Jiang Cheng had intentionally given himself enough leeway with that question – he hadn’t directly asked ‘are you willing to go out with me’ at the very least. 

And regardless of how he may answer, Jiang Cheng would always have some room to maneuver.  

However, he understood the specific sort of answer that Jiang Cheng sought all too clearly. This question may appear to have given him a generous amount of ‘leeway’, but in actuality, there was only one possible answer.  

Yes, I’ve thought about it. I want to be with you.  

Gu Fei wanted very much to straightforwardly give such an answer, however, the sentence that should have slipped out suddenly became undeniably difficult to vocalize.  

Because he did not know the kind of boyfriend Jiang Cheng wanted, and he figured that Jiang Cheng himself hadn’t even given thought to that either.   

In truth, that was exactly how things were supposed to be at their age. Even if one were to consider things in a relationship, the consideration wouldn’t extend very far, nor last very long. Have I fallen for him? Yes, I’ve fallen for him now. I want to be with him now. I want to date him now… what other reason do I need? There is no other reason I need ba. 

But he had thought of it – and thought of it far too many times.  

Perhaps Jiang Cheng was being impulsive; perhaps Jiang Cheng wasn’t being impulsive at all but had just chosen a moment that seemed very much impulsive

Whatever the case may be, Gu Fei felt himself incapable of determining the thoughts circling in Jiang Cheng’s mind in such a brief period of time, nor could he convey his own thoughts. What kind of boyfriend do you want? What kind of love story are you looking for?

Under these circumstances, no matter what answer he may give, it would come across as too heartless. 

He felt that the only thing he could do at the moment was to stall for time as a means to allow Jiang Cheng and himself to fully understand what the other was thinking. 

“Early… love ah?”  Gu Fei shut his mouth the second those words were uttered. 

“Did you hit your head just now?” Jiang Cheng stared at him with an indescribable2 expression in his eyes, one that was of the type of concern one would have for a child with learning disabilities, which made him feel as if this was the enhancement of his level of stupidity since after he had shot an idiotic smile towards a building in the middle of the night. 

“What I meant was…” Gu Fei wanted to explain himself, thus hastily sorted out his thoughts. 

But Jiang Cheng suddenly stood up.  

Gu Fei instinctually stood up with him, not wanting Jiang Cheng to leave under such circumstances. Even moreso, he didn’t want Jiang Cheng to feel like he was hesitant on this question after they had already done so many things that went beyond the scope of “deskmates”.

However, he didn’t even get the chance to open his mouth again when Jiang Cheng’s brows tightened and violently retched. 


Gu Fei felt absolutely stupefied, just a sentence would make Jiang Cheng feel so disgusted?

“Bathroom?” Jiang Cheng managed to ask between his gritted teeth.  

“In the back,” Gu Fei pointed, “Next to the kitchen…” 

Before he could finish speaking, Jiang Cheng had already sped off through the back door and into the courtyard. 

Gu Fei hurriedly grabbed a bottle of water from the shelf and followed after him. 

When he entered the bathroom, Jiang Cheng was bent over with his hands on his knees and staring into the toilet in a daze. He hesitated for a moment, “What’s wrong?” 

“I feel nauseous all of a sudden,” Jiang Cheng replied. 

“What did I say that had such…” Gu Fei was a bit flabbergasted, “Such potency?”

“Fuck off,” Jiang Cheng briefly shot back before retching once more. However, nothing came out. 

“Are you feeling sick?” Gu Fei was a little worried by now, “Did you catch a cold? There’s still someone on duty at the community hospital, should we go get this checked out?” 

“No need.” Jiang Cheng took a deep breath as he straightened his waist, “It’s just the side effects of my acrophobia.”  

Gu Fei became stunned in place for about ten seconds before he finally squeezed out a question: “Fear of heights?” 

“En.” Jiang Cheng ended up not vomiting anything out. He made his way to the sink and washed his face. “Is it that weird?”  

Gu Fei remained silent. 

Jiang Cheng wiped his face then turned to look Gu Fei straight in the eyes. “It’s actually not very appropriate to say this in a bathroom, but since we’re here now, there’s no need to avoid it for another day3. Plus, I’ve brought it up already so let’s not bother with the time or place now.”

“En.” Gu Fei sounded in response.  

“What I said just now, just think over it tonight ba.” Jiang Cheng then added, “I’ll head back first. I feel really tired all of a sudden, so I need to sleep it off. Give me a call when you wake up tomorrow morning.”

“Okay,” Gu Fei answered.  

“Goodnight.” Jiang Cheng waved at him, turned back into the shop, and made his way to the front door. 

Gu Fei wiped away the water that Jiang Cheng had splashed all over the sink then followed after him. 

From his words to his actions, Jiang Cheng had enacted everything with absolute ease and confidence. He was still extremely dashing when he walked to the door, and it was only when he stooped down to lift the retractable door but failed to do so even after two tries that the aesthetic perception was inadvertently destroyed.   

“What on earth is wrong with your freaking door?” Jiang Cheng peered at him while still stooping with a chagrined expression. 

“Let me do it.” Gu Fei went over and helped him pull up the retractable door.  

Jiang Cheng didn’t wait for the door to be completely rolled up when he slipped out before speaking once more outside the door: “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” Gu Fei held the door up as he gazed at him.  

Jiang Cheng mounted his bike and rode along the road without looking back

Gu Fei let the retractable door come down to a tight shut and sat his butt down on the small stool to the side, staring into space for the longest time.  


As soon as Jiang Cheng passed through the door of his apartment, he wanted more than anything to pass out the moment he lay down but considering that he had crawled around a dusty and rubbish-ridden rooftop all night, he first forced himself to take a shower. 

When he finally collapsed on the bed, he felt as though he must have fallen asleep before his head had even hit the pillow. 

His body felt heavy, yet his heart was light – so light that it was as if he was floating.   

Perhaps, it was the reality that everything was finally ‘over’ that contrived such a feeling; what had to be done was done, what had to be considered was considered, what had to be said was said. Everything that weighed down his heart, whether or not he held an ounce of feeling for them, had all faded.  

Whatever tomorrow was going to bring, however, tomorrow may go, none of it mattered any longer.  

Feels good.  

This comforting sensation would probably be able to compete with the state of “sleeping super soundly like I had gotten a massage after getting beaten up by my dad” that Pan Zhi had mentioned.

Sprawled over his pillow, the corners of his lips hooked up. 


When the first glimpse of light dawned on him, Jiang Cheng’s biological clock actually failed to drag him out of his deep sleep for the first time ever. He could vividly detect the clear chirps of the birds from outside the window, blended with the voices of the elderly ladies exercising in the early morning and the shrill shrieks of children so excited from their parents taking them out to play that they last an entire journey… 

However, he still didn’t completely wake up. The feeling of knowing that he was sleeping, and actually sleeping both soundly and comfortably at that, was absolutely wonderful.  

It was only when his phone sounded for the second time did he reluctantly peeled open his heavy eyes.   

 The second time?

Oh, right, it’s the second time. It probably went off the first time when the elderly ladies were out for their early-morning exercise. 

He felt for his phone and only when he strained his eyes to succeed in merging the double vision caused by the noticeably overly bright screen did he finally see that the incoming call was from none other than Gu Fei. 

 Gu Fei?

… Gu Fei!!

He completely awoke with a jerk, and everything before his eyes instantly became crystal clear. 

Clearly, he had decided just the day before to be nonchalant to Gu Fei’s answer as if all he had wanted was to convey, I really like you. If we can date, then that would be amazing too. 

He just wanted to throw the idea out there; throw it to Gu Fei, and whatever Gu Fei’s answer may be, he would be nonchalant to it. Or rather, he had never envisioned Gu Fei’s answer at all.  

But now that he realized that Gu Fei was calling to possibly give him an answer…  


He stared at Gu Fei’s name for the longest time before finally remembering to answer it. But as soon as he reached out his hand, the call disconnected without him even getting to touch the screen. 

Good, good, good. Very good. It’s a good thing that it disconnected.  

He threw his phone to the side and sat up. He glanced at the time and found that it was barely past eight o’clock.  

Gu Fei was actually up this early on a Sunday morning? Then the call from before… he picked up his phone again, wanting to see who the caller was for the previous call. 


The phone sounded – a message from Gu Fei appeared.  

– Not up yet? 

Jiang Cheng didn’t reply and looked at the missed call first instead: 6:45 AM, Gu Fei. 

“What the fuck?” Jiang Cheng froze, Gu Fei woke up before seven o’clock? 

How miraculous was that… Jiang Cheng couldn’t help but glance at the time once more, confirming with his own eyes that it was indeed still the early morning; 6:45, and not 16:45.

– Just woke up. 

He sent Gu Fei a reply.  

But just when he stood up, his phone sounded again. Though this time, it was not a message, but a call.  

Jiang Cheng picked up the call. 


“Did you want to be with me, or did you just want to date me?”4 Gu Fei struck him with that question before he could even manage out a ‘hello’.  

Jiang Cheng hastily shuffled his slippers towards the window and swiftly ripped open the curtains – the feeling of apprehension that suddenly emerged from the depths of his heart instantly dissipated: “Are you not going to consider the problem of dating early?” 

Gu Fei didn’t respond.  

“Is there a difference between those two?” Jiang Cheng asked, “I just wanted to let you know that I’m sure I… really like you. If you are willing…”

“Come down ba,” Gu Fei interrupted him. 

“What?” Jiang Cheng froze. 

“I’m downstairs.” Gu Fei continued, “Come down, let’s go eat breakfast. Boyfriend.” 

Jiang Cheng paused for a few seconds before he finally managed to expel all the chaotic noises ringing inside his head: “I still have to wash my face, brush my teeth, and change my clothes.”

“En,” Gu Fei sounded. “The breakfast stall from yesterday, I’ll get us a seat there first.”

Jiang Cheng hung up the call and fell into yet another trance for a while longer.  

Fuck, what the hell does that mean? 

With just those few words, his relationship with Gu Fei changed just like that? 

What the fuck? 

It was kind of magical… he tossed aside his phone, brushed his teeth in a daze, and when he washed his face, he stared wide-eyed at his reflection in the mirror for a while… I have a boyfriend now? Nothing seems to be different ah, I’m still… so handsome. 

No, no, there were some differences – he no longer had any logic. 

When he finished washing up and pulled open his wardrobe, he suddenly didn’t know which outfit to wear.  

Even though he normally went back and forth multiple times to choose an outfit just to find the one that best reflected his “most handsome vibe of the day” before he stepped out, on this very day, he unexpectedly couldn’t even pick out a candidate. 

“Fucking hell.” Jiang Cheng cursed out loud after having stood in front of the wardrobe for some time. Wasn’t it just a ‘Gu Fei’… wasn’t it simply the fact that someone who had changed from being his deskmate to being his boyfriend was now waiting for him to eat deep-fried doughbread together at the breakfast stall downstairs? Was all this necessary? He randomly grabbed a pair of pants and put it on, then shut his eyes to yank a T-shirt off the rack before carelessly grabbing a light jacket and headed out the door.  


When he got downstairs, he caught sight of Gu Fei in the far distance. Gu Fei was pretty eye-catching usually too, but that day, he was even more eye-catching than normal. He could land a hit on the splints on Gu Fei’s legs with a slingshot even from twenty meters away.  

He quickened his pace and walked over. It was no longer the peak hour for breakfast, and Gu Fei had an entire table to himself with all sorts of breakfast already spread out. He plopped down on the seat opposite of Gu Fei. 

“Took your sweet time.” Gu Fei shot him a glance.  

“We xueba are all very particular about going out.” Jiang Cheng also glanced back at him, “If I remember correctly, you haven’t even changed your pants ba?”  

“En.” Gu Fei lowered his head to take a look at the splint and whispered, “This splint was wrapped with such dedication that I couldn’t even take off my pants.”

“Shit.” Jiang Cheng couldn’t hold back his laughter and also fought to keep his voice down. “Just remove the splint first ah.” 

“Too lazy for that.” Gu Fei replied, “I’ll do it later tonight.”

Jiang Cheng didn’t utter another word and chose to lower his head to take a sip from a bowl of soymilk instead. 

As soon as the conversation broke off, the atmosphere suddenly became unusually… strange.  

As he drank the soymilk, Jiang Cheng felt that even the way he held the bowl was extremely awkward – even though he had held bowls in such a manner for over a decade.  

From that sip of soymilk, he couldn’t even taste whether or not it was even sweetened.

Nervous, awkward, and a little flustered.   

But it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. He stole a glance at Gu Fei who was biting into a deep-fried doughbread while staring at him with no expression on his face whatsoever.  

“Did I not wash my face clean?” Jiang Cheng asked. 

“Just looking.” Gu Fei laughed lightly, “I normally look at you all the time too ah.” 

“Oh, keep looking then.” Jiang Cheng picked up his chopsticks and used them to pick up a mini steamed bun, suddenly thinking that this strange sense of awkwardness was pretty comfortable.  

What the hell is wrong with me… 


“Oh right.” Gu Fei finished the deep-fried doughbread, then spoke as he picked up a napkin and wiped his hands, “I have a… small gift for you.”  

“En?” Jiang Cheng froze.  

Gu Fei surveyed the area, probably to confirm if there were anyone who knew the two of them around, then suddenly fished something out of his pocket and passed it over. “Just take this as a… Labour Day gift.” 

“You could’ve just said that it’s a gift for Children’s Day ah.” Jiang Cheng accepted the gift and lowered his head to examine it – it was a pretty large bundle of softness. 

“It’s a bit too early for Children’s Day.” Gu Fei responded. “When Children’s Day comes around, I also have to prepare something for Er Miao. Don’t worry, you’ll both get something each then.” 

“Fuck off,” Jiang Cheng quickly retorted. He then realized that the soft mass in his hand was a soft blue ball of yarn with a loose string at the very top. He lifted the ball of yarn by that loose string and was quickly taken aback. “A sunny doll?”5 

“En, I hope that your days will always be sunny and clear.” Gu Fei said, “It was initially supposed to be white, but then I remembered the hank of yarn you bought last time hasn’t been used yet, so I knitted a…”  

“What’s stuffed inside of it?” Jiang Cheng squeezed it, soft.  

“It’s also yarn. I stuffed the leftover in the head,” Gu Fei explained, “There’s actually still some left, but I gave it to Gu Miao to play with since there wasn’t enough to make anything else anyways.”

Jiang Cheng remained silent as he lowered his head to observe the blue sunny doll.  

The sunny doll also had eyes. Most likely because it was made out of yarn, and blue yarn at that, the eyes would have been hard to draw on, so Gu Fei had sewn on two small black buttons where the eyes were located. 


Classmate Jiang Cheng! 

Please control your emotions! 

Please don’t cry while at a breakfast stall that requires you to squat on a small stool to eat! 

That would undoubtedly ruin the atmosphere, and would appear ridiculously stupid! 

“You weren’t too lazy to remove the split and take off your pants last night.” Jiang Cheng pressed on the doll’s round head right on its eyes before raising his head to look at Gu Fei again, “You just didn’t sleep at all, right?” 

Gu Fei didn’t say respond and just gave a small smile.  

“Did you have to take it that far…” Jiang Cheng didn’t know what else he should say, so he just gripped the doll tightly in his hands, “It would’ve been fine if you grabbed some snacks from the shop and…” 

“Too many things happened all at once yesterday, so it’s not like I could really sleep anyways.” Gu Fei hurriedly stated, “I just thought that if I came over and brought a flower with me… you might stand at the entrance of the corridor and destroy the flower with your slingshot first before coming out, so I made this instead. It’s pretty simple to make anyways.”

“Oh.” Jiang Cheng looked down and squeezed the doll again, then lifted it by the string above its head and gave it a light shake. This chubby sunny doll which was at least three times larger than the regular sunny doll was like a penguin when shaken – very cute. “I’ll give you a little gift too then.”

“This isn’t a gift exchange you know,” Gu Fei commented. 

“Are you intending to refuse?” Jiang Cheng looked him square in the eye. 

“No,” Gu Fei immediately refuted.  

Jiang Cheng grabbed his schoolbag and unzipped it. 


“You really are a xueba ah,” Gu Fei sighed in awe. “Bringing along your schoolbag even when there’s no class.”  

“It’s not like there are books in there,” Jiang Cheng remarked as he put the sunny doll instead. “I’m just used to carrying a bag – it gives me a sense of security. And also, there’s no need to shove everything in my pockets. That looks ugly.”

He took out that particular slingshot from his school bag and placed it in front of Gu Fei. “This is my gift to you to commemorate the day your acting skill reached a phenomenal peak.” 

Gu Fei burst into laughter and picked up the slingshot for a look, pulling back the rubber band taut. “But then you won’t have nothing to play with?” 

“I have a feeling Pan Zhi will bring me another one,” Jiang Cheng explained, “The last time he came to visit, he brought me a tin whistle. If he’s going to bring me a little something when he comes again this time, it would be a slingshot.”

“When is he coming over?” Gu Fei put the slingshot in his pocket.  

“Labour Day,” Jiang Cheng replied. “Just a few days from now. Are there any fun places to go around here? He’s probably staying for around three to four days. I can’t just take him strolling around the shopping center every single day.” 

Gu Fei gave him a look without saying anything.  

“En?” Jiang Cheng looked back at him.  

“I’m thinking here,” Gu Fei murmured.  

“Preferably a place nearby, not too far, otherwise it’ll take too long to get there.” Jiang Cheng added.  

“En.” Gu Fei contemplated as he slowly picked up and ate a steamed dumpling. After a while, he finally said, “There’s a theme park in the newer side of the city with a haunted house that was built there last year. I heard it’s pretty interesting. It actually made it on the news before for being really scary.”

“It is big?” Jiang Cheng immediately asked with great interest.  

“Pretty big. Altogether, there are three levels including the basement and it covers a pretty big area.” Gu Fei also added, “But I’ve never been there though.”

“Let’s go together then,” Jiang Cheng said, “Who could’ve imagined that this crappy place would actually have a haunted house ne.” 

Gu Fei didn’t say anything and only tsk-ed a few times as he ate his dumplings.  

“You have something to say?” Jiang Cheng started to laugh.  

“Nope, nothing from me.” Gu Fei then responded, “To be honest, if it wasn’t for this haunted house, I wouldn’t even know what else to recommend. There’s a mountain to the side but since the snow melted already, there’s not much to see.”


After they finished breakfast, Gu Fei stood up and stretched out his body, “You’re not studying today, right?” 

“En,” Jiang Cheng sounded in affirmation. “You have something planned?” 

“Nope.” Gu Fei pondered for a moment, “How about we go… watch a movie?” 

“How are we going to get there?” Jiang Cheng gave his leg a glance and whispered, “Do I have to pretend to support you?” 

“There’s no need for that. I even rode my bike on the way here,” Gu Fei replied nonchalantly.  

“Fuck, aren’t you afraid of Hou Zi’s men seeing you?!” Jiang Cheng instantly grew panicked. He grabbed Gu Fei’s wrist and tugged him over, put his arm over his own shoulder, then wrapped his arm around his waist. “If someone happens to see you, your performance from yesterday would be in vain!”

“… I pedaled here with one leg.” Gu Fei completely leaned onto Jiang Cheng, “It was pretty persuasive.”

Jiang Cheng supported Gu Fei as they walked over to his bike.  

It’s a… strange feeling.  

He had touched Gu Fei’s waist before, and had even pinched it, but this was the first time he had touched Gu Fei’s waist in such a brazen manner out in the open public.  

Gu Fei’s waist was very well-toned, evident by the way the muscles shifted beneath his palm every time Gu Fei hopped with one leg. 

He couldn’t help but give it a light squeeze or two.  

Ai.” Gu Fei’s back straightened out of reflex and he grabbed hold of his hand. “I’m ticklish.” 

“Let go!” Jiang Cheng swiftly scanned the area; an arm on a shoulder and an arm on the waist was pretty normal given Gu Fei’s current condition, but grabbing his hand like that gave off an ambiguous feeling. 

Gu Fei didn’t loosen his hand, instead, he defiantly shoved their hands into his pocket.  


Jiang Cheng no longer made a sound. Gu Fei’s jacket was pretty loose and the pocket was also large, so no one could tell they were holding hands in there if they weren’t examined closely. 

Besides, he didn’t really want to take his hand out either.  

This state between the two of them that clearly doesn’t actually feel any different from usual, yet was different in every way possible, and carried along a sense of excitement, made him feel very comfortable

“What movies are playing today?” Jiang Cheng pinched the tip of Gu Fei’s pinky inside the pocket. 

“I have no idea.” Gu Fei pushed a piece of round candy in Jiang Cheng’s palm, “Let’s just watch whatever there is. It’s not like it matters, since the main goal isn’t to watch a movie anyways.” 

“… shit.” Jiang Cheng swept a glance at him, “What the hell do you want to do? Don’t you know that the surveillance cameras in the movie theatres are infrared?”

“I really haven’t thought of that before… wait.” Gu Fei gaped at him, flabbergasted, before he finally doubled over in laughter after a long while. “Cheng-ge, aren’t you thinking too much?” 

“Fuck off!” Jiang Cheng clenched his teeth.  

“I was thinking of something a bit more simple…” Gu Fei enunciated.  

“Shut up.” Jiang Cheng sighed.  

 “I just want to find a dark corner,” Gu Fei whispered. “And be alone with you.”

“… why does it have to be a dark corner?” Jiang Cheng let go of Gu Fei and took out the key to his bike out of the pocket in passing. “I’ll take us there by bike?”

“En.” Gu Fei nodded.  

“Why does it have to be a dark corner?” Jiang Cheng continued to ask as he unlocked the bike and got on. 

“Like when we were at the breakfast stall just now,” Gu Fei said. “If I had just touched you a little, wouldn’t you have jumped all the way up the lamppost?”

“Ah,” Jiang Cheng was stunned. “Fucking hell! You aren’t thinking any less than me on that aspect ah!” 

“Really?” Gu Fei straddled the back seat, “I think what you’re probably referring to is something with bigger movements that the infrared camera could clearly pick up on. There’s really no need for you to worry about the infrared cameras if we’re just holding hands and touching legs.”

“Nevermind, stop talking.” Jiang Cheng tsk-ed. 


After pedaling out for a few meters, Jiang Cheng suddenly stopped the bike and looked back at Gu Fei. “There’s something that I want to formally say to you, although I seem to have already said it once before.”

“I really like you,” Gu Fei firmly stated. “And I will keep on liking you until you no longer need me to like you.”

Jiang Cheng looked at him with his mouth half-open, but not a sound escaped from his lips. He could only sense a faint buzzing in his brain.  

I really like you, those words coming from Gu Fei’s mouth made him feel a bit… dizzy. 

“What did you want to say?” Gu Fei continued to rub against his back.   

“… forgot.” Jiang Cheng rasped.  

The corners of Gu Fei’s lips pulled upwards, but he didn’t say anything more. 

“Oh.” Jiang Cheng rubbed his nose, “I remember now. That is… I honestly, really like you. I’ve never liked anyone like this before.”


The author has something to say: Continuing tomorrow.  

The author knelt on the ground with a mysterious smile while holding a coffee cup, not saying anything.   

“Are they dating? o(≧口≦)o Are they dating?” o(≧口≦)o The black furry spirit shouted. 

“Jijiji. &(ˉ^ˉ)&” The tiny black furry spirit chirped. 

The translators have something to say: 

Due to the sheer amount of @#%^%$^& contained in this chapter, the translators have been rendered speechless as no words can express the @(%&*&#**@&!#*#&!* that they feel. – Sae & Ice 

Our boys are the best boys T_____T


1 Split second (电光火石) Idiom lit. “(as fast as) a flash of lightning and spark from a flint”, meaning to be as fast as lightning, for something to happen in a flash, etc.

2 Indescribable (一言难尽) Idiom : meaning that something is a long story, hard to explain in a few words, or not easy to express succinctly, etc.

3 no need to avoid it for another day (择日不如撞日) idiom: no time like the present; there’s no need to choose another day

4 “Did you want to be with me, or did you just want to date me?” (你是想跟我谈恋爱,还是想跟我谈个恋爱?) What Gu Fei is asking Jiang Cheng here is whether what he wants is to seriously be with him (as in having a long-term commitment) or for them to just casually date (aka, just have fun).

5 Sunny doll (晴天娃娃) or known as teru teru bōzu charms, which serve a special purpose in Japanese culture. They are believed to help stop the rain and guarantee that tomorrow will be sunny. Teru teru bōzu, which literally translates to “shine shine monk,” are typically made by children with tissue paper and are hung around window sills.

Gu Fei’s handknitted blue sunny doll for his Cheng-ge

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