SAYE – Chapter 57

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Due to their extremely improper movie-watching behavior, the two of them had emptied all ten wet wipes from the small pack that the cinema gave them. They then repeatedly checked to confirm that there wasn’t anything on their clothes. After wiping their hands clean, the two found that this horror movie – in which screaming seemed to be playing throughout the entire film – was now completely beyond their understanding. 

“Why is this woman…” Gu Fei questioned in a whisper as he grabbed a small plastic bag and shoved all the messy tissues inside, “Ai, is this still the woman from before?” 

“… Which woman?” Jiang Cheng asked. 

“That… how many women are there?” Gu Fei peered at the screen. 

“Around three ba. This one should be the orphan that person from before talked about.” Jiang Cheng guessed from his assumptions. 

“Which person said she was an orphan?” Gu Fei asked. 

“… How about you just play that retarded Craz3 Match game ba?” Jiang Cheng glanced at him, “We’re sitting in the back, so it won’t bother anybody else.” 

Gu Fei started to snicker: “What do you have against me? Oh, so you can understand it?” 

“Nope.” Jiang Cheng replied, “But as you can see, I didn’t plan on asking you about it.” 

Gu Fei snickered as he took a gulp of his beverage: “Are there really infrared surveillance cameras?” 

“This, I’m really not sure about.” Jiang Cheng examined the surrounding walls before responding in an extremely quiet tone, “I once saw a post on Tianya Club1 where one after another, people had confessed what shameful things they did when watching the movies. But then suddenly somebody appeared and responded with, ‘As a projectionist, let me tell you all that whatever it is that you guys do, we can see it all in the monitoring room. Our surveillance cameras are all infrared…’ and I feel like those words have left, not only the people in that thread… but also myself, a very deep psychological impression.” 

“It does make sense.” Gu Fei leaned over to his ear and whispered, “See, it’s so dark. If they used normal security cameras, they wouldn’t be able to capture anything.” 

“Sit down properly.” Jiang Cheng was sitting up straight. 

“Alrighty~” Gu Fei also sat upright. 

They proceeded to watch the movie where at some point, it was unknown to both of them where they were in the plotline. 

And they unexpectedly remained that way all the way until it ended. 


When the lights in the screening room turned on, Jiang Cheng hastily looked down to once again check whether the two of them still had any unsightly residues left on their bodies. He then inspected the ground to see if there were any tissues they neglected, and only then did he finally stand up. 

He didn’t know why, but when he saw the young couples that walked out in pairs with their arms wrapped around each other, Jiang Cheng felt like he had the four words ‘I’m not satisfied yet’2 written all over his face. 

Those who are of a guilty conscience would see everybody to be the same as them. By the Jade Emperor.

“Check the back of my pants.” Jiang Cheng, a little ill at ease, turned to face his back towards Gu Fei, “Are there any traces?” 

“You…” Gu Fei sighed, “What kind of angle can shoot it to the back ah?”

“Fuck you, asshole!” Jiang Cheng turned back around with irritation, and hoisted Gu Fei up, “Come on! Cripple!”

After Gu Fei walked two steps towards the passageway, he suddenly switched to hopping one-legged. 

“Holy fuck.” Jiang Cheng looked ahead and found that the ticket inspector from the entrance had come in, and was standing beside the wheelchair, waiting. “Such service…” 

“Next time, I’ll lend this stuff to you,” Gu Fei said. “So that you can also experience it.”

“What is there to experience about this? If I’m to experience something, then it should be experiencing you carrying me up that mountain you talked about before.” Jiang Cheng smirked. 

“Fine. When the two of us go someday, I’ll carry you up.” Gu Fei said. 


Falling in love and dating – he didn’t know what the process should be. In any case, when the two left the movie theatre, they prepared to find a place to eat, but it was still a little early, so they just sat in the plaza. 

The plaza was very lively because there was an event that some commercial buildings had put together. There were a lot of people; people singing, people dancing, and even people walking a fashion show. 

“I saw a picture you posted in your Moments before.” Jiang Cheng glanced over in that direction, “Was it taken here? The one where the two aunties were fighting over a fan.” 

Gu Fei burst into laughter. He took out his phone and flipped through it, then brought it in front of him: “Are you talking about this one?” 

“En.” Jiang Cheng nodded, “When was this taken?”

“Last summer, right here.” Gu Fei answered, “They even got physical at the end.” 

“Fuck. So how was it solved then?” Jiang Cheng asked. 

“An old man came over and snapped the fan in half, then gave one half to each of them.” Gu Fei replied. 

Jiang Cheng doubled up in laughter, then sighed as he pondered over it: “What’s so good about a fan that’s even worth fighting over it?” 

“There are all sorts of people in the world.” Gu Fei fished out a cigarette and lit it, “If you sit here for an entire day, you can see all kinds of people.” 

“Do you look at them often?” Jiang Cheng gazed at the people coming and going in the plaza. 

“En, and if you’re looking through a lens, it’s a whole other story.” Gu Fei lifted his left hand in front of him and formed half a frame with his thumb and index finger, “You try.” 


Jiang Cheng was stupefied for a while. He glanced around at their surroundings – nobody was paying attention to them. Thus, he stretched out his right hand and also formed half a frame with his thumb and index finger, connecting them together with Gu Fei’s fingers. 

“This way, you’ll see different people, and there won’t be so many disturbances.” Gu Fei slowly moved his and Jiang Cheng’s hand at the same time, before stopping when the finger frame was facing a girl standing dazed on the stage. “Is she a passerby? Or a fan? Or is she simply just lost in thought?” 

Jiang Cheng didn’t respond. 

When I’m looking at you, who is looking at me?” Gu Fei softly sang a verse, “The brushing shoulders you see, doesn’t matter if you miss it…” 

“What song is it?” Jiang Cheng asked. The melody was very unfamiliar, but it was lively and buoyant, sounding very nice. 

“Nothing.” Gu Fei chuckled, “I just randomly sang it.”

Jiang Cheng froze before turning to gape at him: “Then the lyrics?” 

“Randomly made them up.” Gu Fei replied, “I can randomly come up with eight hundred words for this sort of crappy lyrics.” 

Jiang Cheng smiled and didn’t continue to talk. He followed Gu Fei’s fingers and watched the people gradually passing through the finger frame. 

This side of Gu Fei was hidden very deeply, so much that Jiang Cheng would often forget that he was actually a person who was both sensitive and meticulous – even a little artistic. 


Because Gu Fei was a cripple, and a cripple that sped through the streets with vigorous strides at that, they didn’t get to walk very far after completing their “bystander” activities at the plaza, and just ate lunch at a nearby snack street. 

Who knew if it was because they just got a boyfriend today, and even experienced some overexcitement at the movies, the lunch the two of them ate wasn’t even as much as their breakfast. 

“I have to take back some fried rice cakes when we head back later,” Gu Fei said. “We’ll definitely get hungry in the afternoon.” 

“We might as well just eat some more fried rice cakes later.” Jiang Cheng recalled the taste of the fried rice cakes from the other day, and suddenly felt a little hungry. 

“That works too.” Gu Fei pondered for a moment, “Actually…” 

“Actually, we don’t even need to eat here.” Jiang Cheng looked at him, “Right?” 

“That’s right.” Gu Fei smiled, “Ai, this IQ has caught up to Jiuri’s now.” 

As he rode the bike back with Gu Fei, Jiang Cheng kept contemplating in his mind; they’ll get back later, and then they’ll head directly to the fried rice cake shop when they get back, then they’ll eat fried rice cakes. 

And then?

They each go back to their own homes? 

Or… let Gu Fei go to his place? 

 What would they even do there? 

Thinking of this, he suddenly felt overcome with embarrassment. Actually, he didn’t have to do something with Gu Fei, but if they really were to do something, then that was pretty normal too – it wasn’t like they haven’t already before. However, the important point was that his main purpose wasn’t to actually do anything, and besides, they already did something in the movie theatre…  

He couldn’t help feeling that if the words “stay at my place for a bit” left his mouth, they would carry a twisted and inexplicable sense of ambiguity. 

Why is this all so messy?! 

 How is a man like him so troublesome?! 


“Come to my place after we eat some fried rice cakes?” Jiang Cheng turned his head to ask. 

“En.” Gu Fei had his forehead propped against his back as always when he nodded, “Good, I can also copy your homework then.” 

“Are you really not able to do it or do you just not want to do it?” Jiang Cheng was a little speechless, “I saw from your midterm exams that it’s not like you’re completely unable to do them ah. I originally thought that you would be ranked in the bottom numbers ne.” 

“I’m too lazy to do it.” Gu Fei smiled. 

Jiang Cheng initially wanted to continue speaking, but then didn’t open his mouth again after some deliberation. 

Gu Fei’s calm answer made him feel that it would be excessive for him no matter what it was he said, and he didn’t want to chatter on and on like Lao Xu either. The crucial point was, perhaps, it was because he was also rather sensitive, he always felt that Gu Fei’s tone of voice always carried a hint of helplessness and a calmness that came from not wanting to continue discussing a topic. 

“Let’s drop by the shop first. Some people are bringing in goods today, and I don’t know if my mom understood what to do.” Gu Fei spoke up again. 

“Alright,” Jiang Cheng responded. 


When they arrived at the entrance, Jiang Cheng parked the bike, propped his leg against the ground, and Gu Fei’s acting skills immediately came back online now that they were back at the steel mill area. Just getting off the back of the bike took him at least five seconds. 

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting?” Jiang Cheng turned back to look at him. 

“I’m hurting ne.” Gu Fei twisted his eyebrows together. 

“Damn.” Jiang Cheng couldn’t hold back his laughter, “I’m about to tear up here.” 

“Hurry up and let go of the bike, and come help me.” Gu Fei remained immersed in his act. 

Jiang Cheng rested the bike against the wall, then came over to support him in the shop. Just when they lifted the curtain aside, they heard a familiar voice cry: “Gu Fei, what happened to you?!” 

Jiang Cheng and Gu Fei stood stunned at the door at the same time, gaping at Lao Xu who was standing in front of the checkout counter. 

Yo!” Gu Fei’s mother who was standing behind the counter yelled, “Was this from falling or fighting ah?” 

“Falling,” Gu Fei responded with one word. 

“You’ve broken your leg?” Lao Xu walked over, “Is it very serious?” 

“Not very serious.” Gu Fei glanced at Lao Xu, “Why are you here?” 

“Xu-laoshi came for a parent-teacher visit.” Gu Fei’s mom brought a chair over, “Hurry and sit down ba. Your leg is like this yet you didn’t say a word to me, and still have the time to run around everywhere.” 

Gu Fei sat down but didn’t say a word. 


When Lao Xu poked over here, Jiang Cheng felt that they may not be able to eat the fried rice cakes for a while. Plus, Li Baoguo had even gone to look for Lao Xu that day… he felt that he should flee before Lao Xu noticed him and reacted. 

But just when he turned away and lifted the curtain to leave, Lao Xu already called out his name: “Jiang Cheng! What a coincidence, I was also looking for you.” 

“Ah.” Jiang Cheng didn’t respond as he forcibly lifted the entrance curtain with his hand. 

“Wait for me a bit. After Gu Fei’s mom and I finish talking, let’s talk for a little,” Lao Xu quickly added. 

Jiang Cheng remained silent. 

“Wait for me a bit.” Lao Xu said once more, “Wait for me a bit.” 

Jiang Cheng sighed. Lao Xu’s tone of voice really rendered him unable to forcibly leave, so he could only – a little depressedly – make a sound in agreement. 

When Lao Xu and Gu Fei’s mother went to the backyard, he grabbed a stool and sat down beside Gu Fei. 

But just when he sat down, Lao Xu walked back into the shop: “Gu Fei, how about you tell me what happened to your leg later?” 

“I fell.” Gu Fei responded, “I drove the motorcycle too quickly and it flipped over.” 

“Is it that serious?” Lao Xu walked in front of him and examined it. 

“It’s alright.” Gu Fei retracted his leg, a little unused to it. 

“Don’t move.” Lao Xu waved his hand, then straightened his waist, “Take a few days off ba, and stay in bed.” 

“… Oh.” Gu Fei nodded his head. 

Lao Xu let out a sigh before heading into the backyard again. 


“Why did Lao Xu come over?” Jiang Cheng asked in a whisper. 

“He has to pay us all a visit pretty much once a month.” Gu Fei explained, “The main focus is on my family, and then Wang Xu and the others.” 

“He really isn’t afraid of getting tired.” Jiang Cheng furrowed his brows. Lao Xu was indeed someone who could be counted as dedicated to his career, “I think he’s going to talk to me about Li Baoguo in a while.” 

“Most likely. Save for Li Baoguo, there isn’t really anything else that’s worrying about you.” Gu Fei laughed. 

“Li Baoguo had come to the school a while ago, and was talking with Lao Xu about who knows what.” Jiang Cheng stretched out his legs, slightly irritated, “Just what the hell is he thinking?!” 

Gu Fei didn’t respond and just reached out to pat him a few times on his legs, “Just listen to what Lao Xu has to say later, don’t let it get to you. Isn’t it just your home not being your home, and his son not being his son?” 

“En.” Jiang Cheng glanced towards the backyard and gripped Gu Fei’s hand. 

“When you finish talking with Lao Xu, call me, and we’ll go get ourselves some fried rice cakes.” Gu Fei said. 

“I can’t eat anymore, lost my appetite.” Jiang Cheng responded. 

“Then just watch me eat.” Gu Fei replied, “I still have an appetite.” 

“Fuck.” Jiang Cheng laughed. 


Lao Xu talked with Gu Fei’s mother in the backyard for ten minutes before returning to the shop. 

“Take a box of milk back ba, Xu-laoshi.” Gu Fei’s mother picked up a box of milk, “Thank you for the trouble you’ve taken.” 

“No need, no need, no need…” Lao Xu hastily waved his hands, “This is what I should do. It’s part of my duty as a teacher, so don’t be polite. I’m already very happy when parents can cooperate with me.” 

“I’ll cooperate, I’ll definitely cooperate.” Gu Fei’s mother repeated as she continued to stuff the milk into Lao Xu’s hands, “Xu-laoshi, you…” 

“Mom.” Gu Fei stood up and blocked her, “I’ll bring it to Xu-laoshi’s house tomorrow.” 

“Then that’s fine, that’s fine.” Gu Fei’s mother nodded. 

“I really don’t need it, really, I don’t need it.” Lao Xu backed away as he beckoned to Jiang Cheng, “Jiang Cheng, come, come! Let’s go sit outside!” 

Jiang Cheng stood up, glanced at Gu Fei, and Gu Fei shot him a smile while making a “call me” gesture with his hand. 

Jiang Cheng nodded, then turned away to follow Lao Xu outside. 


 Lao Xu walked in front, and he followed behind him without speeding up his steps to catch up. 

Even though it was just as Gu Fei had said, that even if they were to talk about Li Baoguo’s matters, it wasn’t that big of a deal since all there was to it was the fact that he refuses to go back, the good mood that he had been in throughout the morning was completely obliterated. 

If it weren’t for Gu Fei’s smile at the end, he really would’ve wanted to turn away and quietly shake Lao Xu off. 

“Let’s go have some tea up ahead.” Lao Xu turned back to say. 

“Have some tea?” Jiang Cheng was rather shocked. The number of times he came here really couldn’t amount to just a few anymore, and although he never observed closely each time since all there was around this area were filthy3 small storefronts, he was still able to determine that there wouldn’t be any carefree places like a teahouse around here. 

“You don’t like to drink tea?” Lao Xu chuckled, “Makes sense, you’re a youngster ma4. I was pretty surprised when Gu Fei brought me to drink tea here for the first time, that youngster actually drinks tea ne.” 

“Ah.” Jiang Cheng was a little astonished. 

He only knew that Gu Fei liked to put lemon in his water but was completely unaware that Gu Fei also liked to drink tea. 

He suddenly felt a little displeased. 

Even Lao Xu knew about it, so how come he doesn’t?! 

If Lao Xu knew, then wouldn’t Bu Shi Hao Niao and Li Yan also know? Would Ding Zhuxin know? Does Wang Xu know…  

Jiang Cheng gave a quiet ‘tsk’

Tsk, tsk. 


This tea-drinking place was a dirty tea shop. Jiang Cheng had passed by this place multiple times but never paid it any heed before. 

Actually, it was no specialized tearoom either, just a small tea table by the window. Basically, it was to sell tea; if you wanted to drink tea, then you just have to buy and boil some. 

Lao Xu asked for a pot of green tea and the two sat down. Jiang Cheng remained silent, a little dazed, and only returned to his senses when Lao Xu poured a cup of tea for him. “Thank you, Xu-zong.”

“Are you satisfied with how you did on this midterm exam?” Lao Xu asked. 

“It was alright ba,” Jiang Cheng responded. 

“If we’re talking by Si Zhong’s standards, you already did very well.” Lao Xu spoke as he opened a tea bag for himself, “But I took a look, save for the three subjects you received full marks in, the other subjects had quite a few marks docked off. This is not referring to your total score where you lost marks from your ugly handwriting…” 

“So you’re just telling me this?” Jiang Cheng asked, “If the final exams have questions like these, then I can pull ahead from the second place by another hundred points.” 

“You rascal.” Lao Xu laughed, pulling out a folder from his bag and placing it in front of him, “These are worksheets that I got when I asked a friend to get some from your old school, but because I don’t know anybody in the affiliated high schools, the ones I’ve got are from San Zhong.5 However, the key points and difficulty should be about the same…” 

Jiang Cheng was stupefied. 

“If you have the time, you can do some of them and time yourself.” Lao Xu went on, “When you’re done, I’ll find some teachers to mark them for you. What do you think?” 

Jiang Cheng never would’ve thought that Lao Xu would go so far for him. He opened the folder and inside was indeed a large collection of worksheets for various subjects. 

“Xu-zong, you…” He stared at the worksheets, not knowing what to say. 

“It’s just what I should do, just what I should do.” Lao Xu explained, “I’ve been at Si Zhong for so many years, and it’s the first time I’ve seen such a good seedling like you, so of course I must do my best.” 

“Thank you.” Jiang Cheng carefully closed the folder. 


“There’s another thing I want to talk to you about ah, and you’ve probably guessed it too.” Lao Xu began, “Your family’s situation ne, I know that you’re not willing to talk about it, and I also won’t ask. However, I’m just worried that it will affect your studies, so I hope that you could…” 

“Did Li Baoguo find you to say this?” Jiang Cheng lifted his gaze to look at Lao Xu. 

“He didn’t say much, just that you refuse to go home.” Lao Xu sighed, “And also that he’s sick… Jiang Cheng ah, I can understand if you don’t want to go home, but I hope that you can talk to him about it. How about…” 

“I got it,” Jiang Cheng cut him off. 

Lao Xu didn’t continue on either and simply let out another sigh: “I really can’t fathom how Li Baoguo managed to have a son like you.”

 Jiang Cheng looked at him. 

“Li Hui, his eldest son,” Lao Xu gesticulated as he began. “Was also my student before. Ai, he really didn’t do well, really didn’t do well.” 

Jiang Cheng laughed. Although he was really unwilling to ask, he still opened his mouth to question: “He’s sick?” 

“A problem with his lungs ba. He was also very vague when he talked about it,” Lao Xu answered. 

“Oh.” Jiang Cheng frowned. With how Li Baoguo constantly smoked and drank every day, and coughed from morning till night, he wouldn’t find it strange at all if his lungs really did have a problem. 

But what is his “lung problem”? 


Lao Xu didn’t seem to have as much to say that day compared to normal; after he finished talking, he drank two cups of tea, and let Jiang Cheng leave. 

“I’ll go after I finish drinking.” Lao Xu said, “You can leave first ba. Your fath… Li Baoguo’s side, I still have to communicate with.” 

“En.” Jiang Cheng stood up, picked up the folder, and bowed to Lao Xu, “Thank you Xu-zong.” 

Ai.” Lao Xu probably never came across a student that had given him such a treatment before, so he hastily stood up and also bowed back to him, “Head back ba, head back ba.” 

Jiang Cheng turned around and walked out of the tearoom… no, tea shop. 

As he slowly walked towards Gu Fei’s family’s shop, he took out his phone and gave Gu Fei a call. 

“You’re done?” Gu Fei picked up the call. 

“En.” Jiang Cheng responded, “Can you leave there now?” 

“Fried rice cakes?” Gu Fei asked. 

“That’s a must.” Jiang Cheng replied. 

“Then come over and support me ba,” Gu Fei said. 


Jiang Cheng went over and supported Cripple Gu outside the shop. Then, he used the bike to bring him to the fried rice cake place, before helping him enter the shop and sit down. 

“Too enjoyable.” Gu Fei smiled, “When I had broken a bone and stuff before, I had to get off the bed and stand up myself. Nobody took me out to eat before.” 

“That’s because you don’t even have a bone broken now okay?” Jiang Cheng had his head lowered and was currently scanning through the menu, preparing to order some cold dishes as well. After skimming through it twice, he suddenly lifted his head again, “How many times have you broken a bone before?” 

“Not many times.” Gu Fei answered, “Just three or four times. None of the times were very serious, I just mentioned them to let you feel a little sorry for me.” 

“Fuck.” Jiang Cheng glared at him, then a few seconds later, he suddenly pressed one hand against his chest, and used his other hand to support himself on the wall next to him. He then twisted his brows, and with a pained expression, he said with difficulty, “So… s-so painful… I m-might not be able to… take it anymore…” 

“Holy… fuck.” Gu Fei was first startled by him and was about to stand up, but when he finally reacted, he laughed so hard he couldn’t even hold the cup properly anymore, “Your acting skills are the awesome one, I almost called 120.”6 

“Xuebas like us have quite a lot of skills, you don’t need to feel self-abased.” Jiang Cheng fixed his posture and continued looking through the menu. He didn’t have the nerve to tell Gu Fei that he had once tried out the expressions he just made in front of the mirror when he was brushing his teeth before – he had long perfected7 it. 


After they finished eating the rice cakes, they were really stuffed. As he took Gu Fei back to the rented apartment, he kept rubbing his stomach while he rode the bike. 

When they arrived downstairs, Gu Fei got off the bike and waited for him to support him. He surveyed their surroundings and found that there wasn’t even a hint of a shadow, so he just directly headed up the building himself: “Do you have an addiction?” 

Gu Fei smiled as he followed along. 

When Jiang Cheng had just opened the door, Gu Fei embraced him from behind, stuck next to his ear, and nuzzled against him: “I just ate fried rice cakes, so I won’t kiss you.” 

“Ah.” Jiang Cheng laughed, “I even ate some pickled vegetables…” 

“Let’s just switch to nuzzling ba.” Gu Fei hooked the room door with his foot, shut the door, and pushed him into the bedroom, nuzzling against his shoulders as they walked, “You smell of fried rice cakes.” 

“Fuck.” Jiang Cheng used his elbow to prod him away, “Scram.” 

“It’s fine, I’m pretty good at making do with things.” Gu Fei rubbed against him a few more times. 

When Jiang Cheng turned around, he stumbled on the bed next to him, and Gu Fei took advantage of the situation to press down against him, sending the two tumbling onto the bed. 

“Fuck, this bed is made from wooden planks!” Jiang Cheng used his hand to thump down on the bed, “If you use a little more strength, the two of us could directly smash onto the ground!” 

Gu Fei smiled but didn’t speak. He lowered his head and planted a kiss on his lips, then sprawled over his body and buried his face in the crook of his neck, not moving. 


Neither of them moved after that. Just like that, they remained still. 

Gu Fei could hear the sound of Jiang Cheng’s breaths, and could even feel the gently beating pulse on his neck. 

Something a little magical was that although they were in this solitary space, and the sort of state where two people are tightly embracing each other, his imagination unexpectedly didn’t run wild.8 

He only felt very comfortable, and only wanted to remain like this forever – being dazed out was okay, falling asleep was alright too. 

Ai.” Jiang Cheng snaked his hands into his clothes and rubbed at his waist, “I’ve found that you’re heavier than you look.” 

“You can’t breathe?” Gu Fei asked. 

“I can still hold on for one more minute.” Jiang Cheng replied. 

Gu Fei chuckled, then flipped over to lie beside him. 

“Are you going to copy my homework later?” Jiang Cheng turned to face him, gazing at him. 

“En.” Gu Fei also turned his face over, “What about you?” 

“I have to finish a set of problems.” Jiang Cheng replied, “Lao Xu actually found some worksheets for me, 

“… Fuck.” Gu Fei was a little dumbstruck, “Lao Xu is really…” 

“Actually, Pan Zhi had helped me find some worksheets, and I already finished them all.” Jiang Cheng explained, “But I still have to do this set from Lao Xu.”

“En.” Gu Fei sat down. 

“Help me keep a look at the time.” Jiang Cheng slipped off the bed and sat in front of the desk beside it, “You can sit…” 

“I’ll copy your homework after you finish doing the worksheets.” Gu Fei leaned against the headboard as he gazed at him, “You can just write ba.” 

“Then what will you be doing?” Jiang Cheng reached out his hand to rub at the tip of his nose. 


“I’ll serve as a proctor9 for you,” Gu Fei said. 

 Jiang Cheng didn’t respond, took a set of worksheets, lowered his head, and started to look through it. 

Gu Fei glanced at the time, set an hour for Jiang Cheng, and then turned his head over to quietly look at him. 

Jiang Cheng had an ability that he really admired, and that was the ability to immerse himself in something within a second. Starting from the second he lowered his head and landed his sight on the worksheet, it would be as if everything around him had disappeared. 

This sort of state was something Gu Fei had never seen on anybody else – including Yi Jing. 

Jiang Cheng really was special. He was completely different from everybody else. 

Different from everybody else. 

Gu Fei closed one eye and looked at Jiang Cheng’s side profile through a circle he formed with his hand. 

From the moment his pen landed on the paper, the aura enveloping his body that would unconsciously attract one’s gazes was filled with pride – the type of pride that would make someone proud. 


The author has something to say: Resting tomorrow, and Grandson Pan would probably be arriving soon. 

The translators have something to say: 

Sae: *tired and feeling old, really old* Ice classes end at 4AM while I wake up for work around 4Am – great, just great T__T nuzzling… man, that’s some next level cuteness, right there! 

Ice: Classes that used to end at 3AM now end at 4AM thanks to daylight saving. That, plus binge translating + schoolwork has completely reduced my sleep schedule to sporadic 3-4 hour naps. I’m going to keep binge-tling so I can make up for the Poyun and Tunhai updates I put off for SAYE, but I really just want an entire week (that’s never going to happen) where I only have to focus on schoolwork and sleeping… zzz… =.= 

Imagine having someone who would do everything for your smile. I want somebody to hug and nuzzle me rn too… ;___;



1 Tinya Club (天涯) – one of the most popular Internet forums in China. It was founded on 14 February 1999. It provides BBS, blog, microblog and photo album services. Politicians have used Tianya Club to campaign, answer questions from constituents, and gather grassroots support.

2 I’m not satisfied yet (意犹未尽) Idiom meaning to not have fully expressed oneself, to wish to continue something, etc.

3 Filthy (灰头土脸) Idiom – meaning to be covered with dirt/filthy with grime, but could also refer to feeling ashamed, dejected, disgraced, etc.

4 ma (嘛) modal particle indicating that sth is obvious / particle indicating a pause for emphasis 

5 San Zhong (三中) – High School No. Three

6 120 – In China, call 120 when you need emergency care and first aid.

7 Perfected (炉火纯青) Idiom lit. “the stove fire is pure blue” meaning that something had reached the height of perfection, got exactly the results they desired, master one’s skills to perfection, etc.

8 His imagination unexpectedly didn’t run wild (想入非非) – Idiom meaning to indulge in a fantasy, for one’s imagination to run wild, to have a flight of fancy, or to harbour (improper) thoughts, etc.

9 Proctor (监考) – a person who monitors students during an examination. 

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