SAYE – Chapter 61

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The haunted house was designed to have at least three levels. The introductory brochure that they read earlier stated that the entire course would take around forty minutes, but that forty minutes probably didn’t take into consideration the time taken up by them just standing in one spot screaming their lungs out. No matter the case, Jiang Cheng was of the opinion that as they let out all sorts of screams that could scare away devils and ghosts alike, they have already gone through several rooms of flashing lights to darkly lit for almost twenty minutes, yet still they haven’t gone up a single flight of stairs.

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SAYE – Chapter 58

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What was having a xueba as a boyfriend like?

It was when you were both overflowed with passion, tenderness, and affection, he would all of a sudden want to work on a set of exam worksheets and you could only sit to the side and proctor for him. Even more exciting was if he was an ultra-xueba – when he entered a meditative state as he worked through those worksheets, he could bring even such a boring task as ‘working on worksheets’ to the peak of holiness.  

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