Shameless – Chapter 4A

All that comes are guests, it all depends on the legs

Translator: Sae

When Han Jia woke up, he felt as if he had been torn apart and used as adornment.

He lied down slowly first and took a few deep breaths. Suddenly, he sat up on the bed with a spurt of energy, turned over and got off the bed. He found a small stool at the side of the door, took his clothes off, neatly folded it before he quickly put on new clothes, pushed the door open and walked out. Continue reading “Shameless – Chapter 4A”

Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 81

The Satisfying Completion of the Mission

Translate: Sae | Proofread: anasofi

On the night before their departure, Bai Luo Yin went to bed early to sleep—thinking about returning to Beijing the next day, his mood was outstandingly buoyant! All the other pilots were tossing and turning in bed, feeling tense with anxiety about the following day’s flight performance, which made it impossible for them to sleep. Good thing that obstacle was not riling Bai Luo Yin’s mind since he passed out the moment he dug into the blankets.

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Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 80

I’ve always thought of you

Translate: Sae | Proofread: Julieta

At Haidian District local police station, on Huayuan road, there was a group of policemen happily playing cards.

“Hey! I said to stop playing…” Captain Zhao clapped his hands a few times. “There’s a task! Put the cards away and hurry the hell up!”

Throwing the cards disappointedly into the drawer, the group of policemen stood in a row and waited for the Captain’s instruction.

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Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 79

Gu Hai reveals the truth

Translate: Nancy | Edit: Sae | Proofread: anasofi

Before going to sleep every night, Bai Luo Yin would routinely browse through Beijing Haiyin High-Tech Company’s official website for any new development in order to better understand Gu Hai’s work. He noticed that recently the website had been updated rather frequently, which was probably because the company was preparing to go public. Hence, there was always a lot of information to be shown.

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Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 69

Xiao Bai, Publicly Embarrassed

Translate: Sae | Proofread: anasofi

On a rare weekend when he was free, Gu Hai decided to make dumplings for them to eat.

Sitting at the side, Bai Luo Yin helped by rolling out the dumpling wrapper and passing it over to Gu Hai. But the thing was, the way he rolled out the dough was barely passable. Not only that, he was so slow that he could not match up to Gu Hai’s speed of putting the filling in and wrapping it up. As a result, Gu Hai pushed Bai Luo Yin to the side to watch the excitement instead while he busily rolled the dough and wrapped the fillings all by himself.

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Shameless: Chapter 2A

See a tiger, pray; see a rabbit, open fire


Translator: Sae || Proofreader: anasofi

Feeling uncomfortable in his dream, Han Jia unconsciously frowned. He opened his eyes only to see that a middle-aged man was lying at the side of his bed. He had a kind appearance, a slightly stout build, sideburns that had already gone gray, and hands that were sliding up and down Han Jia’s thighs.

Seeing that Han Jia had awoken, the man smiled and went to kiss him. Continue reading “Shameless: Chapter 2A”

Addicted: Book Two – Chapter 67

You are the most deceitful!

Translate: Sae  | Proofread: Julieta

When Gu Hai found Bai Luo Yin, he was sitting on a small slope not too far in the distant. One of his legs was bent and the other was stretched out satisfyingly. His chest was pressed over the bent legs while his chin rested on that knee. He had an expression of ‘don’t fucking provoke me’ written across his face.

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