Lawless: Chapter 84 – 2

Lawless: Chapter 84 – 2

The Beginning – Dusk: Hunting

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At that time, Yan Ming’s eighteenth birthday had just passed, and he had already learned to cover his ambitions with playboy’s clothes and mannerism. However, he failed due to impatience a lot of the time.

“… after that, I followed that foreigner to his garage for a look and it was packed with marijuana that he had planted himself. He has an older male cousin who had just been released from prison and had set up a personal laboratory in the basement. He also produces some narcotics. I have some photos, Uncle, you can take a look.” Continue reading “Lawless: Chapter 84 – 2”

Lawless: Chapter 50

After a long while, Xiao Li moved. As if disliking the fact that Qi Xiu Yuan pressed so heavily on him, he used the same amount of strength to flip Qi Xiu Yuan over and pine him down beneath him again. One of his brows rose while a smile played out on his lips as he looked down at him deviously. Then he kissed his cheeks and lightly smiled again before speaking with a hoarse voice. Continue reading “Lawless: Chapter 50”

Addicted: Chapter 157



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After Bai Hai Qi left, Gu Hai made his way into Bai Luo Yin’s blanket and continued to wrap his hands firmly around his foot. At first Bai Luo Yin refused and struggled for a while. But afterwards, feeling the nice and warm heat spread throughout the sole of his foot and up his legs and his entire body wrapped rather pleasantly and comfortably with relaxation, he didn’t make it difficult for Gu Hai anymore.