Lawless: Chapter 84 – 2

The Beginning – Dusk: Hunting

Translator: Sae | Proofreader: anasofi

At that time, Yan Ming’s eighteenth birthday had just passed, and he had already learned to cover his ambitions with playboy’s clothes and mannerism. However, he failed due to impatience a lot of the time.

“… after that, I followed that foreigner to his garage for a look and it was packed with marijuana that he had planted himself. He has an older male cousin who had just been released from prison and had set up a personal laboratory in the basement. He also produces some narcotics. I have some photos, Uncle, you can take a look.” Continue reading “Lawless: Chapter 84 – 2”

Lawless: Extra – Chapter 83

Section 10 – END


“If I knew, I wouldn’t have taken you to that bar.” Qi Xiu Yuan confessed to Xiao Li as they sat next to each other on the cold and hard chair in the lounge. “I thought that after getting away for over a thousand kilometers, we could relax and let our guards down a bit. But, who could have guessed the bartender was actually a former subordinate of yours…” Continue reading “Lawless: Extra – Chapter 83”

Lawless: Extra – Chapter 83

Section 8 Part 09


Qi Xiu Yuan woke up at 6:30 in the morning, then turned on the lights and stared at Xiao Li’s sleeping form for quite a long time.

It didn’t take long for Xiao Li to become accustomed to his daily routine, but right now—as not per usual, he was still sound asleep. He was breathing calmly with a tranquil expression as if he was sleeping in the safest and most trusted place. Continue reading “Lawless: Extra – Chapter 83”

Lawless: Extra – Chapter 83

Section 8 Part 2


Gasping for a long time, Xiao Li’s chest no longer rose up and down intensely. He slowly opened his eyes only to be captured red-handed by Qi Xiu Yuan’s own eyes.

He had already shot twice and was exhausted and soft but more so, he was unwilling to move even a finger and instead lied on the sheets without any resistance. There was a thin splay of erotic sticky substance sitting between his chest and stomach. Continue reading “Lawless: Extra – Chapter 83”