Advance Bravely: Chapter 21

Silently protecting you


Translator: HiuPhm277

Editor: anhnguyen12332 & Sae

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower



“One of the criminal from the shootout escaped.”

Yuan Zong was deep in thought for a while before he calmly said, “I know.”

When he returned to the training ground, the vice instructor immediately noticed the change in his expression, “What’s wrong?”

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Advance Bravely: Chapter 20

Leaving it at your House


Translator: Anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae


Before his company bodyguards were scheduled to set off to Yan Tai beach for a training session where Yuan Zong had to personally train a crew of female bodyguards, he dropped by Xia Yao’s house. With a shameless apparent, he held his birdcage tightly in his hand let it slightly swayed in front of Xia Yao, “I won’t be here for a while. It’s your duty to take care of it.”

“What if I said ‘No’?” Xia Yao quickly asked
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Advance Bravely: Chapter 19

The impossible negotiation!


Translator: DungQuoc16
Editor: Sae

Proofreader: Anhnguyen12332


After further investigation, Yuan Zong was granted temporary bail and allowed to return to his daily life style.

By now, the entire police department was up to their ears with daily tasks and duty after dealing with that crime. Making use of his spare time, Xia Yao pondered on whether or not he should head over to see Yuan Zong.

As much as he hated Yuan Zong’s motive for suddenly appearing out of nowhere like that and knowing full well that those wounds were considered to be chicken scratch to someone of Yuan Zong’s caliber, ultimately, the wounds he suffered were nonetheless sustained from having saved Xia Yao. For Xiao Yao, it was perfectly reasonable and within his range of morality to pay Yuan Zong’s a visit.
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Advance Bravely: Chapter 18

This is how a perfect man should be


Translator: Anhnguyen12332

Editor: Sae

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower


On the eastern road towards Yuan Ming Yuan, Xia Yao and several other police officers laid in ambush. After a year of extensive investigation, it was suspected that an extremely dangerous organization will will make an appearance in this location. Two suspected level A level criminals that were involved with a few assassinations also belonged to this organization.

Xiao Hui anxiously glanced at his watch. To be honest, he has only been apart of this crime division for half a year and this was the first time he has to undertaken such a dangerous mission. In comparison to the fleeing criminals, he was even more nervous Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 18”

Advance Bravely: Chapter 17

If you would just smile for me


Translator: Anhnguyen12332

Editor/Proofreader: Sae


After work, Xia Yao walked over to where Yuan Zong had parked his car with an expressionless face.

As soon as Yuan Zong rolled the window down, Xia Yao immediately threw the wooden house and the clay figurine into the vehicle.

“Take your stupid toys back!”

Yuan Zong opened the miniature door of the house and slowly took “Xiao Xia Yao” out. His rough manly hand gently caressed its lower anatomy before he whispered, “You want me to keep it so I can jerk off with it?” Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 17”

Advance Bravely: Chapter 16

Locking these feelings inside


Translator: oc1221haiphong

Editor: Sae

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower


While Xia Yao was struggling with this uninvited guest, another ridiculous event was happening where Meng Xin Yi was sitting.

What a nice coincidence! Yuan Ru’s meeting place with her date (set up by you-know-who) was in this cafe as well.

God bless me! I asked my brother for a man and he sets me up with this uptight dude. What heck was he was thinking?!

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Advance Bravely: Chapter 15

Your belt is a little low!


Translator: Ngquynhanh

Editor: Anhnguyen12332 & Sae
Proofreader: lonelycauliflower


Throughout dinner that night, Xia Yao’s anxious behaviour was quite apparent to the point that even Mrs. Xia could see that something was not right.

She put a piece of fish into his bowl and asked gently, “You have something on your mind?”

“Mom, do you remember that time you told me…about the daughter of…who was it…Mr. Meng or Mr. Chao, who is about the same age as me?” Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 15”

Advance Bravely: Chapter 14

What kind of logic is this?


Translator: trangcugia
Editor: anhnguyen12332

Proofreader: Sae


That night, Xia Yao did not sleep a wink. He tossed and turned in his bed, thinking about what had happened that morning. Just the mere thought of it made his blood boil. How on earth could a man fall for him out of nowhere? If it  been a girl, he could had simply made some cutting remarks to force her away.

However, his opponent was not an easy going man. With just one glance at his appearance, it was clear as day that he was the kind of person that dared to do anything. It didn’t help either that Xia Yao had spurred him up until he himself received a cheesy love confession right in front of the police station.

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Advance Bravely: Chapter 13



Translator: trangcugia 
Editor: anhnguyen12332 & Sae


Once Xiao Hui and Chang Tian returned to the office, they immediately caught sight of several snacks and beverages on their desks. The two exchanged a glance before they saw a man sitting comfortably with his legs crossed and arched eyebrows, gazing squarely at them with excitement.

“Heavens! What’s going on?” Xiao Hui shouted from his desk then rushed towards over,  hastily shoving the food into his mouth.

“It’s all for you guys,” Xia Yao replied.

Chang Tian nearly jumped out of his skin. “Did something special happen today?”

“Nothing special. I’m just in a good mood.”

Xiao Hui was trying his hardest to open a pack of melon seeds. Unfortunately, once he did managed open it, the tear was so large that the seeds spilled all over the floor. When Xiao Hui arched his back to tidy the mess, Xia Yao promptly pulled him back up without hesitation.

“Don’t do that. Leave it to me.”

Hearing the offer, Xiao Hui and Chang Tian secretly exchanged another glance. What great deed happened on earth today to make Honourable Xia do the cleaning of his own accord?

It was true indeed that happiness and desperation are always linked together. Before meeting Yuan Ru, days and months steadily elapsed with nothing worth celebrating for Xia Yao. After overcoming the crisis that dragged on during the past few day, those two nuisances are finally gone. For Xia Yao, never before had he enjoyed such relief and refreshment.

Being off-duty that evening, Xia Yao was still on cloud nine as he held his colleagues’ shoulders. As they casually made their way towards the front office gate, their laughter and chats echoed the area.

“Hey Xia Yao, tell your brothers, what made you so happy today?”

Xia Yao pursed his lips as if pretending to be keep this secret, then he showed them a beautiful expression.

“I won’t spill the beans.”

“Xiao Yao! Are you deliberately provoking our curiosity? Chang Tian, he’s gonna keep us in the dark! What should we do now?”

In just the blink of an eye, Chang Tian and Xiao Hui teamed up and poked Xia Yao for an answer.

“Stop it, haha. Stop…”

Xia Yao pushed their teasing hands away, somewhat annoyed but also enjoying it. While the three were having fun, Xia Yao suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar car parked not so far from where they were. His radiant face immediately froze along with his voice.

“STOP!” Xia Yao roared in anger.

Although, the two beside him immediately withdrew their hands, they still teased him a bit more.

“Why did you get mad all of a sudden? You were fine until we slightly touched you. What’s going on?”

Xia Yao tried to maintain a gentle expression while putting on a smile with much difficulty, “Nothing’s bothering. You two should just go home now. I’m going to get my car.”

After Xiao Hui and Chang Tian took their leave, Xia Yao returned to his previous bold expression and headed towards the car on the other side of the road.

“Why are you still here?”

Still holding a cigarette in between his fingers, Yuan Zong reached out of the window to shed away the ash that was hanging loosely at the end. His penetrating gaze swept over Xia Yao’s face without showing any signs of restraint.

Teetering on his last bit of patience, Xia Yao asked Yuan Zong, “I’ve told your sister already. Hasn’t she mentioned it to you yet?”

“She has.”

Xia Yao felt irritated being objected to listen to that tone of voice coming out of Yuan Zong’s mouth. Although, it was extremely blunt and discourteous, it was surprisingly calm at the same time.

“Then why the hell are you here!?” Xia Yao’s voice turned threatening.

Yuan Zong got out of the car, using his feet to put out the cigarette while his eyes remain only focused on Xia Yao from a very near distance.

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Advance Bravely: Chapter 12

The amount of time it takes to shoot


Translator: HiuPhm277
Editors: anhnguyen12322 & Sae


Xia Yao remained still, waiting silently in the bedroom.

As the sun set in the horizon, a sound abruptly transmitted from the balcony.

Xia Yao immediately launched himself towards the imposing noise and yank curtains open only to met that annoying face. Yuan Zong gently opened the window to grab the bird cage. It took a mere two seconds from the moment Xia Yao heard the noise to Yuan Zong firmly grabbing hold of the cage.

“You bastard!” Xia Yao whispered as to not arouse his mother.

With an indifferent appearance, Yuan Zong said in a very lackluster tone, “Your tank top is falling. Your nipples are showing.”

Since Xia Yao had ran so aggressively earlier, one side of the singlet he was wearing twisted and fell to the side without him knowing. He only had his usual comfortable pants on with the leg rolled up, exposing two smooth symmetrical legs. It wasn’t hard to notice that sexy aura emitting off his body as he stood just small distance away, oozing that animal magnetism.

What did you just insulted me with? Nipples[1]? I’ll have you know that these ones of mine don’t  produce milk, so you should learn to distinguish between them carefully. Continue reading “Advance Bravely: Chapter 12”